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Ostara: Spring Equinox

March 20, 2019: Reflection and Big Changes

About The Spring Equinox

Equinoxes are the 2 times a year the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun in its orbit. The Spring Equinox, also known as "Ostara" and the "Vernal Equinox", is an energetically powerful day of the year. It heralds in Spring in the Norther Hemisphere and the return of life after earths slumber. It is considered one of the eight most powerful days on “The Wheel Of The Year”, along with the Autumn Equinox, and the Summer and Winter Solstices, which all mark the first day of the new seasons. The lesser days of energy power on the 8 spoked "Wheel" mark other energetic shifts and are on February 2, May 1, August 1, and October 31.

New Beginnings

The Spring Equinox is celebrated as a time of new beginnings and fertility in all its forms. It is the start of the Sun entering Aries, which means a new astrological calendar begins. It is also the shifting point of the sun and daylight overtaking the night in length of time.

This day was observed in different cultures all over the world and for our ancestors (in the Northern Hemisphere) this exciting time of the year meant the hardships of winter and cold weather were coming to an end. Crops and vegetation could be planted, animals would return or awaken from their slumber, and life could resume. Survival was easier during the warmer months, as resources were more readily available and the beginning of spring celebrated this.

In our modern era many people still honor this time by taking advantage of the energy by making new vision boards for the year, shifting their gears towards more manifesting (and less of the internal healing and releasing that the winter months support) and making changes in their lives.


Balance is another major them of the Equinox because it is one of only 2 days our entire year that both day and night are exactly equal before one over takes the other. It makes it a great time to balance our own divine masculine (logic, motivation, confidence, action and the material plane) and feminine energies (intuition, emotion, creativity, nurture, and the subconscious). This can be done with meditation, yoga, energy healing, etc.

2019 Ostara

This year the energy is especially powerful because it coincides with the Full Moon in Libra ( , as well as the Mercury Retrograde ( ). During this Equinox the theme of balance is heightened, as is reflecting on where we need to make changes before, we can start the new chapter of our lives.

Honoring This Energy

There are many ways to capitalize and tune in with this energy from Ritual to simple practices. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

Spring cleaning- Donate and throw out what no longer serves you to make room in your home and life for the new.

Spend time outdoors and commune with nature- If weather doesn’t permit try a conservatory or indoor garden shop. Buy some indoor plants.

Decorate eggs- This is an ancient pagan practice (that was adapted by the church and turned into an Easter activity) used as a way to celebrate. Eggs are a symbol of Ostara.

Plant some seeds- This is a great time to plant an herb garden and anything else that you would enjoy growing. Plant them inside first and move them outside later if you live in cooler regions.

Animals- Spend time with animals or donate to an animal sanctuary. Especially rabbits as they are another symbol of this day.

Cook- anything egg is appropriate. Deviled eggs, egg salad and quiches are great. If you are vegan there are many great substitutes for eggs for the above recipes. Check out the spring dishes and veggies during this time like asparagus, morels, rhubarb and artichokes.

Celebrate- Make time for fun. Carve out some time in your day to enjoy yourself! Anything creative is especially supported.

Yoga- Balancing postures in your practice are perfect now!

Watch the sunrise and sunset- Take stock of all the things you are grateful for and opportunities you have. Be in the present moment as you watch the new day dawn and the sun set on this day.


Here is a quick and easy example but try anything that connects you to your essence and the energies of Spring

1.) Start by taking a Himalayan or sea salt bath with flowers and essential oils (lavender and rose are great and mild for sensitive skin. Please always be careful and use your discretion when it comes to things encountering your skin).

2.) Smudge/cleanse and sit in your sacred space or a favorite and relaxing place in your house and make a list of everything that no longer serves you the you are ready to let go of.

3.) Then, on a separate piece of paper, make a list of all the opportunities and changes you would like to manifest.

4.) Take your first list and meditate with the paper in between your palms. Breathe deeply and with each exhale visualize or feel the things on your list leaving your energy field or life. Let go of any resistance you have to them leaving and surrender into that chapter of your life closing.

Say this or whatever feels write in the moment

“I am ready to let go of the thing(s) on this list,

I honor the lessons, growth and phase for this in my life,

And I honor that it is time to move on to new things that will serve me,

Thank you and I release it now.”

5.) Burn the paper in a heat proof container, in a bonfire pit or rip it up (to flush down the toilet after you have finished the ritual).

6.) Hold the second list in your hand and feel your anticipation, excitement, and gratitude of these things coming into your experience with each inhale.

say these words or something that feels right to you

“I am ready to step into a new phase and for new beginnings in my life,

I now align my energy with my path, purpose, and highest self while I manifest my desires,

I embrace change and surrender into the flow of my life,

I am grateful for the progress I have made and that I am making”

7.) Keep this list in an envelope somewhere safe until you have manifested what you wanted or until the Autumn Equinox where you can review it and discard it.


Allie Maurer is an International Spiritual Teacher that uses her abilities as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through Private Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Events; she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance...

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