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Revolution Of Awakening
School Of Spiritual Development

Are you ready to explore what lies beyond conventional society and thought; to understand how things really work? 

 To be the empowered, authentic, joyous being you were meant to be and commit to your life purpose?...

Are you ready to be Sovereign; an independent, powerful force? A leader in your own right, the creator of your life; abundant, free and aligned with your wellbeing?

How would it feel to be in tune with your intuition, trust your souls wisdom, and let your life unfold with ease and grace?

This is not a course or quick fix program.  This is an interactive resource of full support for your spiritual awakening, self actualization, a reclaiming of your power and healing journey.

I'm pouring all my wisdom, abilities, resources and tools into a comprehensive and practical guide, just for you.

Monthly Member Benefits:
Participation in the offerings is optional.  Take what you need!
Exclusive Video Library of Spiritual Content
An expanding resource of short, easy to understand videos on a vast number of topics.  The videos range from beginner to advanced from informative, "how-to's", guided mediations, workshops, and more; to support your development and increase your knowledge and understanding.  New videos will be added continuously.

Monthly Themes For Growth
Each month will highlight a certain area of spiritual growth and personal development.  The theme will be the main focus, however additional videos and content on other topics will continue to be added throughout the month.  The content for the month's theme will unfold to support your journey of self discovery in the area of growth for the month.

Monthly Challenges
The challenges are a guided journey that will correlate to the specific month's themes.  The journey will vary in length between 14-28 days (depending on the month) and encourage development of new beneficial practices, techniques, routines, and more to support your overall wellbeing.

My aim is to cultivate a a safe space for people to share, support and be supported, practice, ask questions and connect with others.  The spiritual journey can be a lonely one, but it doesn't have to be this way, and everyone has such amazing gifts to contribute! The more we engage, the faster we grow.

A community space to share, ask questions, connect, and more!

Astrological Updates
Get detailed and easy to understand updates each month on the energy shifts, the impact, as well as rituals, practices and tips for utilizing these energies.

2 Live Monthly FAQ Webinars
Twice a month I will answer your spiritual development questions in a live virtual support session!  We will have an open discussion on anything you want to discuss regarding your progress through the months theme or anything else in the universe!  If you can't make it live, you can post your questions in advance in the forum and watch the recording, which will be posted afterwards.

Monthly Workshop
Every Month there will be a live educational, interactive webinar on a topic related to the monthly theme.  Guest speakers and other experts will be featured from time to time and all recordings will be archived in the video library.

Energy Clearings And Healy Activations
Every month we will have a group Energy Clearing to remove any energy blocks, karma, and negative energy that is holding people back surrounding the monthly theme.  I will be including the Healy Frequency device to help clear and activate the group energy!

Weekend Card Guidance
The Spirit Tribe (my Facebook group) favorite is finding its new home here!  Pick an Oracle card from the weekly post and see what it the message reveals for your upcoming week!

Channeled Messages
Direct messages of inspiration and enlightenment from Pure Consciousness/Source

Flash Sales and other Fun Exclusives
Be the first to see upcoming events, get exclusive discounts and offers, get the first updates on last minute openings in my calendar, test new products for free and more!

Who is this experience right for?
The beautiful souls ready to flourish and willing to:
-Step up and answer the call of their souls
-Make a commitment to themselves and ready to do the work necessary to grow
-Invest time and resources into their dreams
-To give as much as they receive from a community space
-Take full responsibility for their lives, emotions and what they create
-Receive the abundance and joy they are fully worthy of right now
-Be determined to persevere through the growing pains and ask for support when they need it


Revolution Of Awakening is currently a 12 month Course of recorded content (over 500 videos), more live support coming soon!

Past Month's Themes
All Content is still available
April's Theme: Morning Practices and Rituals
May's Theme: Intuitive Development
June's Theme: Your Life Purpose
July's Theme: Shadow Work

August's Theme: Manifestation
September's Theme: Astrology 101

October's Theme: Magickal Living

November's Theme: Gratitude

December's Theme: Return to the Wild: Sovereignty

January's Theme: Self Love

February's Theme: Chakras and Healing

March's Theme: Magickal Gardening and Plant Magick

A handful of the topics we will be exploring:
Intuitive and psychic training, energy healing training, holistic healing, shadow work, crystals and crystal grids, sacred geometry, essential oils, astrology, mindfulness, meditation, energy protection, spiritual laws and principles, manifestation, life purpose and soul blueprints, star seeds, esoteric wisdom, past lives and karmic debts, 12 chakra system and kundalini work, polarity and the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, spiritual beings, divination tools, remote viewing, and so much more!

*This is a monthly paid membership on my website, No Social Media, cancel anytime!
*Enrollment is only open to accept new members a few times a year.
*Earn Discounts and FREE Membership with the Ambassador Program!


Stacie Taylor
Allie is a phenomenal teacher! I’ve been taking her Revolution of Awakening course for almost 6 months and have grown so much from it. I have studied the same material for over 20 years, and I have come to REALLY understand things so much better through Allie’s course. Having her information on videos has been wonderful to be able to watch whenever it’s convenient for me. I can’t stress enough what a gifted teacher Allie is!


Julie Hunstad

I’ve been in Allie’s Revolution of Awakening School for a couple of months now and it’s fantastic! Each month is a different theme to help you grow in your spiritual journey. I’ve learned so much about intuition and life purpose! I can’t wait for more! Love it!

Amy M

I had my first visit to Allie in April 2021...two weeks later, I felt pulled to join Revolution of Awakening. I have learned so much and look forward to continuing to work with Allie!

Sunny Dee

I have been using Allies services for just over 2 years. I have gotten healings and readings from her...I recently joined the school she has started and find the information provided to be amazing and it is allowing me to grow personality and spiritually.
I highly recommend her services you will not be disappointed!

Enrollment: OPEN
Email me to be added to the waitlist and be the first to be notified when enrollment opens
$99 a month (less then a 30 minute reading with me!)

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