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It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, it is in ourselves.

  -William Shakespeare

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Readings.Healings Chakra Alignment and Mentorship.

Unbelievable insightful ! Allie Truly has an amazing gift.  When she does Soul Retrieval and Chakra Alignment my intuition becomes MUCH stronger.  Make sure to take a lot of notes during her Mentorship becuase she is able to download information quickly!  Its been Amazing.  Thank you for Helping not only me...but my sister,as well as my friend.  Truly an amazing experience!!!

           Sherri Conklin

           Punta Gorda, Florida


Simply amazing and words cannot describe what she has done for me. I was at an ultimate low in my life Saturday when I went to see her. It had been 10+ years after my father passed away and I still struggled daily with being at peace with his death. I went to her for what I thought was to connect with my dad to be at peace, however I ended up getting so much more out of it. There is no words to explain what she did for me because it was truthfully amazing!! thank you isn't even enough with how I feel even 3 days later, so focused and driven and excited for life for the first time in 12+ years! thank you so much Allie this was the best experience I've ever had in my life!

          Joe Pawelk

          Cologne, MN



Holy Cow!

My reading was excellent. I felt connected and energized. Allie was right on, consider my mind blown.  Will do again!

          Eileen Galarneault





I just wanted to tell everyone that I had a reading/ mentoring call this morning with Allison Maurer and it was so FANTASTIC!!! I didn't expect to receive as much as I did out of it to be honest! I have met with so many people lately and she was just so rich with information about my gifts that I was really blown away! She did so much homework beforehand and that really helped our time to be about us being able to talk to me instead of using that time to discover the information! I left our conversation and immediately began talking to my new God team and having conversations with animals! In fact, I opened a relationship between my daughter and her bunny which was a long time coming! I also realized my true soul path which thrilled me and helped me understand things much clearer! Allison is so talented in many areas and I look forward to furthering my mentorship with her! I HIGHLY recommend her for a reading or mentorship or an energy healing! She performed an unbelievable energy healing on me that cleared me of entities that I was holding on to even! She is just so gifted! Seriously she packs so much in that hour! She talks fast too so you definitely get your money’s worth!! Seriously, I would not refer her if I didn't think she was so great! In fact, I liked her so much I booked a second hour right after the one I just completed!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Cheers to Allie!

          Maureen Lamb Christenson

          Lansdale, Pennsylvania



I just had my first reading with Allie. She is accurate, to the point and loving. I feel like she is more familiar to me than new. I have great hope .... thank you for being an amazing spiritual guide Allie!

          Kelly Grosklags

          Minneaoplis, MN




This was my first meeting with Allie….she is amazing.  Allie new things I was struggling with, and things I am working toward. Allie helped me understand what is ahead of me, if I stay on my current path. It’s the path I want to be on. Thank you, Allie. I cannot wait for another meeting with her.  I also had her make me body scrub with the intention of prosperity.  The body scrub is amazing.  The aroma lasts for a very long time.  Again Allie Thank You.  You are an amazing woman!

          Brenda Marcos

          Minneapolis, MN



Allie is not only gifted at what she does, but is an all around spiritual and warm hearted woman! She puts a lot of preparation and thought into her events!

          Amanda Marie

          Minneapolis, MN



I would highly recommend Allie.  Her readings are very thorough, complete,  and accurate. She takes the time to make sure you understand what she is saying and is very caring.  She works from a very loving place, she is all about helping and healing.

          Andrea Roy



Allie was extremely accurate and detailed in the reading I received and the healing was amazing! I highly recommend her services. She made me feel completely comfortable and was very personable.

          Shelly Cordie Martinson

          Bloomington, MN



Update:  I've worked with Allie 3 times already by far the most I've ever worked with a psychic. I feel like Allie is more than a mentor she's a friend. I totally trust her and her guidance. She is wise and caring.  Allie helped me really get out of a really dark place in my life with grace and ease and I'm so grateful for that.  Allie went above and beyond mentorship for psychic. mediumship and energy healing. If you are looking to take your gifts to a new level go to her

          Michal Altawil

          Warsaw, Poland



Just had my first Allie Experience and it was everything and more then I could have imagined. She is a truly blessed healer that has encouraged me to be who, me and my spirit, are meant to be!

          Shanon D’Arpino

          Mound, MN



I had a mentoring session with Allie. She is just wonderful. She is so easy to relate to and such a great teacher. She is kind, encouraging and so generous with her knowledge.

The session surpassed my expectations- Allie gave me so much amazing information to work with and I’m so excited to put all her guidance into action!

I will definitely have more sessions with Allie and I would highly recommend her. She’s an absolute diamond

          Claire Doherty

          London, United Kingdom



Soooo glad I had a reading with Allie! I left there feeling so clear and open to what is in store for me in the future. She helped me to feel at peace with circumstances I felt were left open ended.

          Shaina Bandemer


I’ve had 3 readings with Allie and am never disappointed. The last one, I invited family members to join me, and there were tears of joy as our loved one validated something for each of us. Thank you Allie: we feel very blessed to have received our messages.

          Karen Van Wilgen



Allie is great! I just came home from a reading/healing session with her and feel more peaceful, centered and clear than I have in a very long time. The way she has about her is gracious, competent, caring and professional. She exudes a loving presence and made me feel like I was totally her focus. I am excited to see how things play out and will definitely be back!

          Beth Porter Clinton



May 2018

Allie has a gentle and effective healing method and I highly recommend her assistance, especially if you feel that you may have any energy present around you other than your own. If you feel out of sorts or not quite yourself, don't delay. She understands spirit release very well. I am in awe over her ability to help. I am a medium and knew that I needed her assistance to release a very unwanted spirit that wasn't getting the point. She got right to my healing and helped release the entity that was interfering with my life. She helped to release and cleanse my chakras. If you are debating whether you need her assistance, consider it a sign and schedule a healing. Thank you Allison

          Aerin Kube,

          Los Angeles, California



Allie is always spot on with her intuition and one of the most caring people I’ve come across! I trust her guidance 100%

          Joey Murphy



Update:I have gotten several readings from this wonderful spirit and soul..She has been very accurate with each session, I have had her intuitive skills are second to none, her warmth and clarity is unquestionable she is definitely my go to when I need Engery work or just spiritual guidance. Working with Allie has provided me the Insight to progress and grow, within the last year I have developed my own intuitive skills and learned how to honor and appreciate my own gifts..If your looking for truth and guidance please support her in her work, she is a amazing addition to your space humanity needs more people just like her, she will help you help yourself..5 stars for all you do, thank you for all your help..

          Kabria Gulley

          Minneapolis, MN



Allie has always been spot on with her guidance and intuition. Her answers are thorough, in depth and applicable to my life which is how I know this is Allie's true calling and passion. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested!

           Emma Hanson

          Lino Lakes, MN


I highly highly highly recommend Allie! She actually did some home parties for me and the groups were extremely happy with her. She gave me my Reading via telephone and she pinpointed me to the dot! That’s a good info from her that I was able to utilize.

          Annette Fitterer

          Bloomington, MN


I have had a reading with Allie and I was blown away by her honest, loving messages from spirit. She was spot on with the messages she gave me which were very helpful and enlightening. If you need insight, I recommend a reading with her <3

           Jodi Quercia

          Tom’s River, New Jersey



For those who are seeking guidance on any spiritual aspect in their life, I strongly recommend working with Allison. Whether it's a psychic reading, healing session, or mediumship information, she is extremely accurate and thorough. She chose to utilize her abilities and gifts into her career to help other people. It truly shows in the dedication of her work with her clients, her genuine spirit and kind soul. I am very grateful to know her and plan on working with her indefinitely.

           Miranda Rivera

           Prior Lake, MN



The day I had my reading and healing with Allie I spent the morning writing down questions that I thought would really help me now. I’ve never done this, so I was a little nervous. What was relayed to me by my spiritual guides was exactly what I had written down. She made me feel like I was talking to a good friend. Thank you, Allie,! You have an amazing gift!!

           Sue Mahon

          Lester Prairie, MM



I have had several readings with Allie!! She’s absolutely amazing!!! I have referred her to many family and friends as well! Every one of them were amazed!! Love you Allie! You deserve a 10-star rating!!!!

           June Roose

           Minnesota and Arizona




Allie is an amazing person and mentor. It is fantastic to find someone who is on the same page and path as me

          Barbara Johnson





I have seen Allie several times for readings and she was great! So sweet and each time was such a positive experience. I would strongly recommend a reading with her, you won't be disappointed

          Jenna Larson Doppenberg

          Rochester, MN



I love Allie and her ability to share direction in a way that is both positive and hopeful. She is so generous sharing her gift via card reading events on FB (I always look forward to those and hate when I miss them). Her genuine kindness & sincerity for others is undeniable.

          Kim Hanauska

          Otsego, Mn


Allison is amazing. I've had quite a few healings, readings and she never disappoints. Spot on without asking any questions. She is the real deal. She is so intuitive, kind and caring. Does so much to help people and animals.

          Pat Ziemke

          Branson, MO



Allie is very comforting, making it easy to talk to her. Her gifted abilities are no joke. I was sceptical at first, but being open and positive i had a great reading and healing. Following the instructions on her website and preparing yourself is a must

          Nicholas Quale

          Belle Plaine, MN




I spent 2 hours with Allie. We did around a 1hr 10m reading and then continued with a 50m healing. The reading was spot on and she pulled up things that she couldn't have known, things I knew deep down, and things that gave me a little more clarification. Allie is persistent on the use of our own intuitions and clarified for me that her readings were things I had already known and she was just helping me better understand them. This is exactly what she did. I left the reading having a better understanding of my own life and spiritual life. I could better interpret and navigate the reason I do the things I do and am incredibly thankful for this. Further, Allie proceeded to help me heal from past debts and overcome some of the difficulties that I am faced with. She also gave me going forward information for me to dwell on and meditate on so that I can put healing into my own hands. Thank you!!

          Devon Golden

          Asan, South Korea




Allie is the real deal! As a budding psychic myself, I am blown away from her accuracy, speed and kindness. I am in a transitional period in my life right now and Allison really confirmed for me what I already knew deep within and also gave me all the clarity I craved for. I highly recommend her. She is worth every penny <3

          Michal Altawil

          Warsaw, Poland




Allie is very friendly, helpful and supportive. Her readings are upbeat, detailed and very thorough. She consistently emphasizes the positive, which is very important. I had been feeling stuck, uncertain about what creative projects to start next and she provided some very necessary inspiration, as well as encouragement. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Highly recommended. Keep on doing what you doing, Allie!

          Jonathan Brandstater

          West Palm Beach, Florida





 I went to see Allie and she told me that in my music career I was dreaming too small. She suggested that I should be singing the national anthem for the sporting events. She also told me that I was not our respecting my power to manifest. She suggested that I should dream bigger. The next day I haphazardly, in an experimental fashion posted on my social media page that I wanted to sing the national anthem for the Super Bowl. A friend I'm connected to online put in a good word for me with the gentleman who books the national anthem for the Saint Paul Saints and I'm proud to report that I'm singing the national anthem for them June 22nd. ALSO the musical director has also asked me if he can feature my band in a pregame performance. My wildest dreams are coming true and I'm grateful for my experience with Allie putting me in touch with my power. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

          Athereal Rose

          Minneapolis, MN



Absolutely amazing reading. Had a session done for my pet and myself, all her guidance was spot on. I left the reading feeling uplifted and reinvigorated to start a new. Will definitely recommend to family and friends. She is truly gifted! Beyond satisfied with my reading.  Went back for energy session, and hope to do more work with Allie, she has been more than helpful.

          Liz M

          Twin Cities, Mn


 I first met Allie on a river cruise. When I went to her for a 10-minute reading my animals began talking to her immediately. There were things she was able to tell me about my animals that she would not know having just met me. I have a variety of animals! -The first time I had Allie work with healing one of my animals, my horse Tacoma was just not himself. He seemed sluggish, sad and uninterested in many things, she did a half an hour and then 2 fifteen minutes in three days within a week. Each time Allie did a healing she would contact me and then tell me what I needed to know from Tacoma and then healing she did and what I needed to do. He is doing wonderful now, so much happier and energy filled again. -I then asked her work on my cat Thomas who was not feeling well and became very quiet. Again, after the healings, what she told me and what I needed to do Thomas is doing so much better. He is talking away again. I would truly recommend Allie for energy healing if you are concerned about your pets. I would ask her to help again if one of my pets did not seem well..

          Jen Goveronski





Allie is AMAZING! I had a reading with her last Monday, and she said that she saw me in a red  hatch back/ crossover car. Today, I went to CarMax just to see what my options were to get rid of my current crappy car, that represented a bad time in my life. I now am the proud owner of a RED 2015 Nissan Rogue SL. 🤗 Allie’s reading was on point!


         Jacksonville, Florida




UPDATE: I was having some work problems yesterday that I couldn't sort out. They were of a serious nature and by the end of the day I had worked myself into quite a state! I contacted Allie and she immediately realized my need and my time for me right then! I can't thank her enough, not only was she spot on with what would happen at the meeting, she saw a moment of clarity that came to pass, exactly as she said! She's amazing, and I can't thank her enough for the "emergency" appointment!

             DeeAnn Hammond

             Oakdale, CA




Every reading with Allie is an absolute pleasure! I have had readings before, but I've never been this satisfied with the depth of information...she truly is gifted! I recently experienced my first energy healing and noticed an immediate difference during and after. I have become somewhat of a regular, and can't imagine trusting anyone else to provide this level of care. I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed! She has an amazing gift to make you feel completely at ease and comfortable and has provided clarity to situations I was only able to wonder about. I have been told by others that I have psychic tendencies, but it wasn't until Allie made me feel comfortable that I was able to embrace this gift. Now I find myself scheduling to confirm what I'm seeing and she is always able to answer my questions and provide expert insight! One of the most amazing experiences was meeting my animal totems and having Allie confirm them without being told! This has been a beautiful healing process, I feel like I have a friend, life coach, and mentor cheering me on. She's even developed a relationship with my cat, Keith, during our sessions. I've come to know through Allie that Keith is here to guide me. Keith has quite a personality and he and Allie never fail to make me laugh! I'm truly blessed for knowing her!

          DeeAnn Hammond

          Oakdale, CA



Allie has a gentle and effective healing method and I highly recommend her assistance, especially if you feel that you may have any energy present around you other than your own. If you feel out of sorts or not quite yourself, don't delay. She understands spirit release very well. I am in awe over her ability to help. I am a medium and knew that I needed her assistance to release a very unwanted spirit that wasn't getting the point. She got right to my healing and helped release the entity that was interfering with my life. She helped to release and cleanse my chakras. If you are debating whether you need her assistance, consider it a sign and schedule a healing. Thank you Allison.


          LA, California



 Forever Grateful!  I have been waiting a very long to sit with someone like Allie. Each time I thought about it I didn’t do it for one reason or another. I just didn’t feel it was right. After a very close friend of mine went to a group reading and dinner with Allie I decided to meet with her. I am a true believer that things happen for a reason. The reason I was able to cross paths with Allie is because it was my time to begin my healing. Allie sat down with me without even knowing my name before hand. We had never met. She meditated before our session and referenced me as Megan’s friend. It worked! Allie has helped me to finally start my healing process physically, mentally and spiritually. Allie was able to give me answers to questions that I wasn’t really sure I could get. It was from two people that have passed in my life. I am a 100% believer that Allie has an amazing wonderful gift. She relayed information that she would have never known without connecting with them. I am forever grateful for what my 1 visit with Allie has done for me!! I have a ways to go and I will continue to meet with Allie to continue on my path of healing. She is a very genuine kind person that anyone would be lucky to have in their lives. Thank you Allie!!

          Rachel Walden

          Minneapolis, Minnesota





Amazing reading with an amazing person.   I have had a group reading as well as an individual reading. Not only did she knock it out of the park with her reading she truly lifts your spirit. Lately I have had a hard time just getting out of bed each day but after her reading I truly feel like she lifted my spirit. Her shear presence brings light into my life thank you! I will definitely be coming back..  Allie is extremely accurate but beyond that she is a fantastic person she goes above beyond in her reading to help people truly understand the message. I would recommend her any day. Plus her white light is so strong you feel positively uplifted for days afterwards!

          Megan Macdonald

          Burnesville, Minnesota



Good morning, I just wanted to stop by and really give my honest opinion.  I had my very first professional reading April 10, 2017.  I must say it was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. Allie Maurer is a beautiful spirit who delivered the messages from my guides with warmth and compassion.  It was spot on and it was clearly communicated.  I felt as if she was walking inside of my spirit and soul.  She is a amazing source and guide.  I left my reading and healing feeling as if my best friend had given me advice and spiritually​ that made me feel as if I can trust the internal senses which the Divine Source has planted with in me.  Thank you so much for your skills, thank you for honestly, knowing, and understanding your purpose because without your knowing and understanding the process would have been about money.  It is clear money and business is not your mission your helping mankind is truly your passion.  I am blessed beyond reason that my path to you will help elevate my spirit, to join the collective...Allie your the best I am humbled.  Thank you Love Love you.You are one of a kind and I have never felt so safe.

          Kabria Lotus Gulley

          Minneapolis, MN




 I've had various readings and guidance from Allie. From one card readings, dream interpretation, Skype readings and general life coaching. Allie is genuine, kind-hearted, incredibly knowledgeable, wise, easy going, honest,and not airy fairy. She puts her all into her readings by meditating first - in that time, she generally gets guidance from the spirits so to put it simply. It is great value for money ,also. Allie's abilities are spot on and the knowledge of some things regarding my life/children/experiences blew me away! There was no way that she would know those things. She has a beautiful, kind heart and she knows what she is talking about and respects you and perhaps your loss of direction or your questions that you may think are silly, etc. All her readings with me have given me confirmation on my life path direction and have also encouraged me to continue trusting my instinct. I will continue to consult with beautiful Allie and her wisdom and insight as I appreciate honesty and her being so down to earth. I would recommend her services to any one and all and wish her much love and success in all her future endeavors and most importantly, sharing her intuitiveness, guidance and support with others.

           Siobhan Murray

           Canberra, Australia




I recently had a distance healing session done with Allie. I had experienced my first psychic attack and had sent a message to Allie to schedule a healing. While I was waiting for my appointment time, Allie made me feel safe and comforted. The session time finally came and I was so excited. She made me feel like I wasn't crazy and that I wasn't alone. Within the first few minutes of the session I could feel the weight being lifted, I felt grounded and centered and back to being "me". I would highly recommend Allie for any sort of healing and psychic work. She had an incredible gift and I will for sure see her again in the future.

           Brittany Frey

           Prescott, WI




Allie gave me the best in-depth reading. She told me things I only knew!!! She gave positive insight, information, and now I’m looking forward for my future. I highly recommend her to anybody. God's gift to all! Thank you so much Allie.. 😊😊






Loved my Animal Communication session with Allison yesterday and all the insight she was able to provide on my pets. I knew that my dog Max had anxiety but didn't know why and she was able to pinpoint the source so I could provide him support! Allison also help me find peace regarding a situation I had with a dog that is no longer with me. Thanks so much Allison!!!!

          Glinda Mills

          Las Vegas, Nevada




I just had an animal communication session with Allie and it was amazing! Right away she was able to describe my little dog who passed 2 months ago. She even knew his name! She saw what he went through at the end of his life and during the passing phase. She was able to give me some wonderful, helpful messages from him. She also connected to a cat I had that passed 25 years ago! She truly has an amazing gift to connect with spirit. What a special experience. Thank you Allie!

          Debbie Hardy

          Hemet, California


Allie turned out to be so detailed that she blew me out of the water. She is amazing and has a special way of delivery that is encouraging and compassionate. Being on the phone with her, made me feel very connected from start as if I had known her forever. She has a special way of making you feel at ease. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Allie.

          Amanda Kube





 I’ve just gotten home from my very first reading with Allie and I must say I was a tad nervous going in, however, seconds into it I was feeling at ease and ready to hear what she has to say with nothing but an open mind. The reading was a complete joy, it has helped me address some things about myself that have prevented me from progressing spiritually and in my everyday life, whilst also giving me the reinforcement I needed to cast out my doubts and fears. Allie is genuine and to the point, and her purpose is to help you understand yourself and the energies that surround you. I highly recommend Allie to any and everyone who is even the slightest curious. I will be visiting her again in the future!

          Dylan Fitzgibbons





I started working with Allie a few months ago. From minute one, I could sense she was genuine, light hearted and caring. As soon as she started sharing what she learned about me, I becoming a believer! I’ve listened to her words recorded months earlier and laughed out loud at how accurate her predictions were… timing, locations, descriptions, people, events and circumstances... It’s super crazy, but super real!! Allie’s gift is natural… you can tell she’s getting messages for you as she speaks and is relaying those visuals and messages. She really pays attention to what she hears and feels and damn, it’s right on!! This year has been a year full of extreme change, my future was wide open for anything to happen… and her predicted have come true, from what was going on with my body, emotions, relationships, family and friends, to when I would move and find a new home and work. She’s good, she’s really good… from relaying current circumstances, predicting future events, talking with the deceased, to healing energy and past lives descriptions. I also had her preform long -distance healing on my dog, Horton.  After 4 months, prominent of limping, he was he was in pain and so sad.  The Vets ran tests and x-rays and couldn’t find any explanation.  After Allie’s healing sessions, he limped twice that week and only for a couple seconds!  It’s the best he has looked in 4 months!  He is so happy again and I can tell he’s not feeling the pain anymore…Huge!  Add Animal Healing to the list of can-dos!  Amazing!

Allie is a truly caring soul with a deep desire to help clear paths to love and healing!!

          Teri Harriet

          Los Angeles, California




First time visit-  Allie was an absolute joy to spend time with. Her reading was informative, and detailed. She was able to pin point a blockage with in me and offer support/coaching on many specific things that are currently holding me back in life. She is a very intuitive medium connecting me with information from some family that had passed on. She is warm, kind, and genuine. I will definitely see her again.

           Jean W.

           Minneapolis, Mn



Hey Allie!  Thank you SO much for this reading. I can't tell you how "right on the money" you were with SO many things. As far as my nutrition I have been recently looking into new foods bc of low energy and have realized that I have a gluten allergy! So right on the money. As far as vows I am not married but recently many of my friends have gotten engaged (i'm talking like 4 in the past two weeks) And I do hope this for my future as well. I definitely have been going through a resting period and have not been as creative as I would like to be. So hearing your words put me at ease. I want to send my novel out to publishers and I totally understand why you are telling me to be brave and take risks! I can't believe how accurate you are! I'm completely blown away! thank you so much for this reading

          Lauren Lubrino

          Staten Island, NY




Allie has hit one out of the park again. Helped me with a healing session and gave me info on my past lives and this one too. Thanks so much.

           Gloriann M

           Walker,  Minnesota


Working with Allie has been a wonderful experience. I felt called to work with her at a recent event and am so very glad I listened. Her healings have helped me to clear what need to go and have helped me understand that I have the power to heal. She has gone above and beyond to help me work through issues in my life for which I am forever grateful. I look forward to working with Allie in the future.

          Lisa Shields

          Hammond, Wisconsin


This was my first healing and Allie was great. Everything she expressed was spot on and I felt so much lighter after our session. I was obviously impressed with her gifts, but most importantly with her caring attitude throughout our entire interaction. She is an amazing psychic medium.


          Prior Lake, MN




 Allie is an amazingly talented and intuitive medium. She did a reading for me a couple of weeks ago that was spot on, but last night did an energy healing that was incredible. She is compassionate and dedicated and really embraces her gifts which makes her the best out there. I had the first full night of sleep after my healing in years. Yes, years. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go back again.[AM1]  She is not only amazing at her job, but her caring personality makes her easy to work with.   She has a beautiful and loving soul. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Allie because It is honestly life changing.

          Kelly Porter

          Brockton, MA



I've known Allie for over a decade and never thought twice about psychic stuff to deeply before. After learning more on how it works and then actually seeing her powers in action, I have formed a very strong belief in her. She is a Lover of animals and life, finder of beauty in everything, and kind enough to share her gifts for the happiness and wellbeing of others. She is an amazing woman and an inspiring being to illuminate this world with light we so badly need.

          Barbara Quale

          Belle Plaine, MN




I just received a healing session with Allie and it was just amazing. She was very detailed in what she was able to convey in all areas and very accurate. She is very intuitive, insightful and she has a warmness about her that makes it easy to receive what she offers. She gave me some suggestions on what to work on to help me get to the next level on my journey. I highly recommend Allie for healing. Thank you so much!

          Debbie Hardy                              

          Hewet, California




So I posted one before, I felt the need to do so again. A day ago I was able to share another healing session with Allie. Never to be disappointed, it again proved to be such a helpful healing and insightful session. As a psychic medium myself, I found her ability of intuitional healing to be just amazing. If you haven't had the opportunity to have a session with Allie, I encourage you to book one today. You Will Truly Come Away feeling much much better. Thank you again Allie may Harmony find and keep you

          BJ Jalowiec

          Fosston, MN


I had the most amazing healing session from Allison. She picked all the areas I was block and how to correct them. She is truly an amazing person and I am greatful and humbled to have energy work done by you . Yes I am sleeping better

          Bridget Loughlin Relander

          Hudson, Wisconsin


Earlier this evening, I had an amazing visit with Allie. She performed a much needed healing, and had much good advice to share. She was able to help me get "realigned" by removing blockages (yes, I'm a Psychic Medium as well), and stagnant energy I was not aware of myself. Again a wonderful experience. Definitely worth your time, and my referral.

          BJ Jalowiec

          Fosston, MN




Thanks for the Insight!  Allie did a reading for me recently and I have to say, it gave me a "push" in the right direction. Not only did she go over what was happening in my life, but gave me information on what to do to move forward. Much appreciated! Your gifts are phenomenal. Thanks again

          Ann McDonald

          Walker, MN


So I just got a reading from the talented Allie Maurer, confirming things I knew (but she maybe shouldn't...yet she did) , confirming what book I was reading on my kitchen table, and also confirming that I need to slow down and focus. Amazing lady. Real talent, and I am excited to say she is becoming a kind friend of mine. (Maybe she will let me ride her horses someday!) And she is hosting an event at Open Minds Fusion Studio on Thursday! Do it.

          Koreen Valdovinos

          Minneapolis, MN




 It's taken me awhile to write this, as life got in the way but I'm so glad it did because now that I look back on our reading from over a month ago, everything Allie said has become much clearer and I can see the things she said were happening around me actually happening and evolving. She was right on point with quite a few things and I can see other points she made unfolding in my future, now that I look back on our reading today I feel more empowered to push the fear aside and trust the Angels to guide me where I'm meant to be. I highly recommend a reading from Allie, and take the time to absorb the reading and check back with it often to feel certainty your on the right journey

 Peace and love Shelly

          Shelly Hood

          Victoria, Austrailia




Allison's reading was spot on! She was able to connect with my dad who has passed and was also able to detect Archangel Michael very strongly around me, who I ask for protection from every day! I highly recommend Allison's services! She is in tune and in touch and can provide valuable insight!

          Lori Tisot

          Fort Collins, CO



I was BLOWN AWAY! I asked Allison if she had looked me up on Facebook or anything like that. She explained to me that no, she didn’t as she prefers to do cold readings to prevent any interference. I have read what she sent me so many times that I have lost count. It seems like every time I read it, I find something else, like when you re-watch a movie and catch things you missed in previous viewings.  Allison said, “it’s a struggle right now,” which is a very safe comment for anyone, but then she said, “but you are taking necessary steps to improve the situation.” This is true for me because I have been identifying problems and taking necessary actions to make things better. She talked about larger things coming up and specifically said “like expenses”. My air conditioner had died in between the time I asked for the reading and the time I received it. She said, “there is always something that causes me not to get ahead.” This is so very true – I could give you a list. She talked about someone in the family possibly getting a second job or a promotion, and that someone in the near future would be helping me out – not necessarily handing me money but maybe an opportunity or good news. These two happened as one. A family member connected me with an opportunity for a second income. Allison told me to be patient and to break problems down into “small steps”. My motto for many years has been “baby steps”. She said my situation is teaching me to be grateful; I have been realizing every day how blessed I truly am and I have been giving thanks everywhere thanks are due, and yes, that really does help me feel better.  Allison stated my “career is rocky because you are being driven to evaluate what you want in life and where you want to go and to stand up for yourself.” This is absolutely true. I listened to nasty comments about me made by peers at work and I seriously doubted myself. I had to find my self-confidence again to get back on track. This also became an area of soul-searching trying to decide if I wanted to continue in my current field. She stated, “I see you getting your heart’s desires by some sort of counseling/mediation and speaking, communication in personal life as well as a career to do with oration, perhaps helping and teaching others.” My current field is a substitute teacher. My new opportunity is teaching people about natural health solutions. Both include standing in front of groups and speaking and teaching. I also am a writer and hope to help people (mainly young people but adults also) through my writing. Just this week, I was able to help a student at school by truly listening to her words and her body language; I talked with her and was able to put her in touch with those who could truly help her. After that class, she ran to me, squeezed me tightly, and told me thank you. Later when she passed my classroom door, she waved to me again with a huge smile on her face. Talk about rewarding! I was wondering about my spirit guides and angel guides. Allison answered that question also. She saw “a spirit guide of this super old native American” helping to guide me. This matches what I believed and had been told by a friend many years ago.  I could go on, but I’m afraid this may be too long already. I totally believe in Allison and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

        Freddie Jo Hanranhan

        Lakeland, Florida




Allie this is amazing! It's so poignant and beautiful I nearly teared up.  Your assessment was spot on. Like someone shook me and confirmed what I'm feeling is real. Thank you so much again Allie. This is just such great stuff; it's really got me thinking. And I can read and reread over and over! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Big hugs!

        Courtney Danialson

        Mnpls, MN




I just gotta say, I've listened to our recording a couple times and you were so in line with what my regular lady has been telling, and you too say it with such certainty... your words and what you were picking up has given me much comfort!! I'm so glad you too have decided to dedicate your life to your gift... you need to share that with the world!! You are very gifted/connected/in-tune! Plus you're a Gemini... we have lots of love, creativity and ideas to spread! :) I will definitely share your info with my psychic-appreciating friends!!

        Teri Harreit

        Minneapolis, MN




I had a reading by Allie. First of all, let me tell you I was a bit apprehensive. When she started, I felt at ease, which soon turned into a very tranquil, calm state. She was right on. She told me things about my life that I never shared with anybody. Her insight was so inspiring and honest, and it has had such an impact on my life ever since. Thank Allie. You are so gifted. Your energy is beautiful. I look forward to my next reading.

        Shelly Logelin

        Afton, MN




I had an amazing reading. She touched on many areas of my life she would have no way of knowing, my husband even said it was like she knew me. I would definitely use her services again.

        Sam Trodden

        Alberta, Canada




Allie just gave me THE most AMAZING, in-depth reading I have received to this date from anyone. Not only did she answer the question I had in mind, she revealed so many facts and events I'm going through that I had not even revealed to her about myself... to the point of asking if I was going through grief and sadness I had not even mentioned in my original question. 10/10 would have Allie read for me again. I'm tight with money but would SPEND on this girl. She's incredibly gifted.  

          Victoria Weber

          Atlanta, Georgia




A couple days ago I received a reading from allie. Once I read it, it was like she knew me.  I have been going through a time of change, in many different aspects of my life. So when I reached out for a reading I really needed some guidance to reassure myself that all change was for the good! Allie gave me more than that. I recently became a Reiki Master, which is a huge turn from my previous job. I was very skeptical of Reiki at first, I wasn’t sure if it was me! However, Reiki has helped me heal on so many levels. I immediately thought about using it to help others but I had never acted upon it. Allie knew this and reassured me that this is what I am supposed to do and to use this ability to heal others as well. She also mentioned I will only be successful when I use my ability heal myself first and let go of my old egos and identities. Once i have accomplished this Aliie said i will be better off and i know in my heart i will be too.

I could go on forever; I am astonished by my reading. This is exactly what i needed. Thank you!

          Kasey Miller





Considering a reading? looking for a post to help make up your mind?

 This is the one you’re looking for?!! Every single post below this one and including this one has a success story. Because Allie is not only accurate, she is precise. She has integrity and passion because she is truly gifted. She reveals a higher truth that we are not capable of finding. Allie's reading gave me a deep feeling of peace, direction and trust in myself. What greater gift could there be? Than closure?

Got questions. She has your answers!

What are you waiting for?

          Charoltte Kolasa-Huck

          Danbury, CT




Thank you so much Allie! You are very intuitive and gifted. So many things you touch on were right on target. When I am ready for a more in depth reading I will definitely be coming back to you!! Thanks again and keep sharing your light and beautiful gift.

          Jen Olson

          Berryville, AR




Allison was very accurate and the reading she gave me resonated with my current situation regarding career. I highly recommend her services. Thanks again Allison

          Wendy Bravo

          Sunnyvale, California




I just had a reading done for me by Allie. She is the kindest, sweetest soul I have met in a long, long time. Since my present situation is extremely complicated I was extremely impressed on how spot on she was with much of the foundational aspects of my life. No one can or should expect any psychic to know everything. They are human just as we all are. Allie clearly put her heart and soul into giving me the best reading she could possibly give and for that I will be forever grateful

I highly recommend her to everyone. She is honest and truly cares about all who seek her.

          Gidget Harris

          North Carolina




Thank you Allie for the reading! You were quick to respond, receptive and incredibly intuitive. The messages provided were spot on as if you knew my situation (but you didn't!), plus they were validating for what I had experienced and intuited myself. What I really loved, too, were the recommendations you made. Action steps help empower and guide. I would recommend you to anyone seeking insight, validation, guidance and curiosity. Much gratitude to you and keep up the great work!

          Laura Boonesteele Snyder

          West Linn, Oregon




Allie- Just wanted to thank you so very much for your reading this morning. Your intuition was amazingly "right on" and the advice you had for me was exactly what I needed! I am able to move forward with my plans in a much more confident (and excited!!!) way now because of your messages. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

          Kari Schmitz

          St. Paul, MN




I want to thank Allie for an awesome, on the mark reading of my animals, my life and my career. She was amazing and warm and friendly. Great lady. I so appreciate her. Don't wait for your reading. If you are wondering about a particular aspect of your life, contact Allie. She is delightful and you will gain insight into things to come

          Georgia Benyk

          Dewey, AZ




Allie gave me an amazing reading and interpreted my dream so perfectly. She analyzed my dreams and gave a clear message about what the dream was meant to. She understood my fears/difficulties so well, I was surprised. It sounded as if she knew me very well. She gave a reading for my mother, which was so realistic and honest. I highly recommend her.

          Bhumi Parikh





Allie gave me a great reading last night that's shockingly accurate and very detailed. She managed to mention some details that were never if not rarely pointed out before by other mediums. Not just that, she will guide you on the best path to take and reassures you.

          Emylou Sagusay

          Saskatchewan, Canada




Allie gave me an amazing reading. My heart dog Teddy passed away very suddenly and expectantly in December 2015. I have been devastated by his loss. All I told Allie is that I wanted to know how my dog was who passed away very suddenly in December and that his death had taken a toll on me.

When she read for me it was beyond belief, it was as if she knew Teddy, and she knew the bond we had. She was able to describe things he did with me. Things she would have no idea of knowing.

 The reading made me cry because it was so accurate and emotional. But the emotional part was in a very good way. I learned that Teddy is still at my side. While not physically, in spirit and I have felt him here with me.

 She told me he would find me another dog to help me through and to give me companionship. And I have to tell you, that has happened! Teddy did indeed direct me to a puppy. The puppy has many of Teddy's mannerisms. I know there will not ever be another Teddy, but it is so awesome that Allie knew Teddy would do this for me.

 Allie also picked up on my mood and how I've been feeling and she was right. She had some insights as to things I should try and I am indeed going to do them.

Allie is honest and right on. She is the real deal! If you want a real psychic reading, she is the one for you! I highly recommend her!

Thank you so much for the reading, Allie. You've brought me much peace.

           Flo Lombardo

           Lacey TWP, NJ




The reading she gave me yesterday was so accurate and on spot that i was really amazed at the gift she have.  I would happily recommend her to anyone who needs insight on future or any problems they are facing in life. Thank you so much.

          Angelinne Lata Khan

          Auckland, New Zealand




Allison gave me the best reading tonight! There were so many things that hit home and a lot of food for thought to help myself in the future. I'm really excited to start my journey.

Thank you, Allison! I highly recommend her.

          Jenn Luckett Mooney

          Roseville, California



I just had the most amazing reading by Allie Maurer. I highly recommend her she was spot on with everything going on and profiled great information why I going through what I am going through and what's coming up. I promise you won't be disappointed give her a try and you will amazed - thank you do much for taking the time and do a reading I will be back again. Blessing to you

          Bridget Loughlin Relander

          Minneapolis, MN




I just got a wonderful reading from Ms. Maurer and I can strongly testify that it was extremely accurate. she was very detailed on every aspect. She very warm and sincere in her work. I would highly recommend her for a reading. She helped me to see my higher purpose. She is truly phenomenal and you won't regret her readings.

          Ezra Khan

          Modesto, CA


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