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How to prepare and get the most from your reading

1. Prepare Mentally

Know why you are coming and be clear on your intention.  Are you coming for guidance, clarity, hope, curiosity, to connect with a loved one…?  Know what you desire from a reading and why.

Write down or meditate on your questions so your guides can give clearer messages on the issues you would like to address.

Keep an open mind.  The messages and guidance provided may not be what you would like to hear but what you need to hear.  They also may come to you about a family member or friend that needs you to pass along the information



2. Be Relaxed

It is normal to be a little nervous and you will relax as we get started.  As an empath I pick up on energy, so the more relaxed you feel the better the energy flows. 

3. Ask the Right Questions

Of course the first thing to know is not to ask questions if you don’t want to know the answers.  The second is the way you phrase your question makes a difference.  Instead of asking “will I ever meet my soulmate?” ask “how can I attract my soul mate into my life?”.  By asking yes or no questions you get yes or no answers, asking open ended questions where guidance can be provided, you get more useful information and the issue can be explored more deeply.

4. Energy Flow

This is very important for a powerful reading.  Be open to all possibilities and welcome the unexpected.  You definitely want to discuss the issues you came for but as I hold the intention for your reading to be in your highest good, sometimes we may travel down unexpected trails.  Your guides will always provide the information they find the most useful to you.  During a psychic reading you want the psychic to do most of the talking so they can provide you with details and information but there is no need to sit serious, either.  Just like any conversation if one of the participants sits and stares while not speaking or providing solemn yes or no’s…well it feels awkward.   Giving an enthusiastic yes or asking for more clarification goes a long way.  I ask frequently if it is “resonating” or making sense to you during a session so I know if your guides need to elaborate for you.   Treat it as a conversation, without “giving too much away” on the other hand if you do all the talking then no matter what the psychic says you have already given the story, so it may not seem like a psychic reading.  I prefer not to know why my clients are coming to see me other than if it is a psychic vs mediumship reading.

5. Don’t Set Yourself Up for Disappointment – Especially in a Mediumship Reading

You definitely want to leave a reading feeling like valuable information, validation, or a connection has been made.  I know I have had readings that didn’t seem psychic at all. More like a therapy session or so generic it was like speaking to a person at a coffee shop.  With that being said psychics are messengers.  We aren’t mind readers (most of the time.  I gave that and “parlor trick” readings up to pursue trying to provide clarity and guidance.  Yes, it is impressive when people can give you specific occurrences that have happened to you or tell you there is a blue crayon in your pocket but at the end of the day…how does that help you?) If you have a question, please ask so you don’t feel disappointed that you didn’t get to a topic when you leave.  If there is a specific person you would like to connect to then we can do that.  If you ask “who is around you” you open the door for random people you haven’t thought about for many years to come say hi instead of speaking to the person in whom you wish to connect, keep an open mind to the info coming through.  You might get a vast amount of valid information but because the psychic didn’t mention a specific detail about the person you might feel they haven’t “proven “it to you, when that detail just didn’t seem important to the deceased.  You may not always hear what you want but you will hear what the deceased finds important.  If you go in with an open and clear mindset, it will be more enjoyable.

6. Take Notes

A lot of information comes through so I provide paper and pens for you to record the information you don’t want to forget.

Not all information might make sense at the time of the reading.  Often it will make sense in the days, weeks, and months after your reading, so it is helpful to look back at the notes you transcribed.

7. Eliminate Distractions

Always a good idea to turn of mobile devices and if it is a phone reading make sure you are in quiet area you won’t be distracted.  Focusing on the task at hand will help ensure the best experience possible.

8. Don’t Show Up for Your Reading with a Hangover

Alcohol and recreational substance take us out of our body and lower our vibration.  To ensure an accurate and beneficial reading or healing refrain from consuming substances for 24 hours.

9. Enjoy It!

Above all else, enjoy the experience!  A powerful psychic reading and should feel like a conversation with a friend that you don’t want to end.


Participate, ask questions, get excited!  Have fun!



What a reading is and is not

I am a psychic and a medium.  I do not currently practice telepathy (mind reading) telekinesis (moving objects with my mind (so please don’t ask me to move something with my mind to prove I’m psychic

…yes this has happened, lol).  I am not a fortune teller, that is a tricky business sometimes bordering on self-fulfilling prophecies and even fraud.  I will tell you what I see for the future and the energies around future events while passing messages about the future.  You must keep in mind timelines and future predictions are all effected by free will, which is one of the most powerful forces.  I have a good record with my predictions but no one can say with 100% certainty what, how or when something will happen.  The grand unfolding of your life is part of the human experience. 

I cannot force a deceased loved one through to speak to you but will always make some sort of a connection even it is describing the energy or giving details about them when they were alive.

Not all information makes sense to me because the messages are meant for you.  Sometimes they can be a bit of a puzzle but when all the pieces fall into place it can be quite intense.

To many people receiving a psychic reading isn’t always a rational and normal experience.   After time has passed our logical (left brain) minds try to rationalize and talk us out of the experience.  Recording how you feel and your initial thoughts and impressions can be a good idea so you can refer back to it when you start questioning the experience you had.  I have done this with intense spiritual experiences in my life, belief and faith are not always easy.


Psychics are messengers and interpreters.  We don’t create the information; it is not ours.  We simply pass it from Spirit to you. 


Information on Healings will be added soon!

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