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Intuitive Life Coaching

 Monthly Programs with a 4 month minimum

We are meant to thrive in these bodies while we our in these lives, not just survive the daily grind of existence.  It’s time to stop playing it small and waiting for permission to make your dreams a reality.  You are here to bring your essence into the world, as only you can.  If you are passionate about your dreams and you have goals you crave to reach, then the Universe wants you to have them.

What if you could have a psychic medium, healer and spiritual teacher as your cheerleader, guide and mentor on your path?  If you have worked with me, then you know the depth at which I can access and assess the information of your soul and higher self…what would that support look like for you, what kind of transformation could you reach and how far could you really go in a short amount of time?  How would you feel about the future if you had someone that could see it and could help you navigate it?

It’s time to say “yes” to living this life to the fullest, to being supported in a truly meaningful and personal way and being the "you" that you set out to be.

It is such a pity that by the time we reach adulthood we have already been conditioned into the illusion of fear, struggle and unworthiness.  Most people in this society will give up on living the lives they truly desire because they have been led to believe it’s out of our reach, selfish, or impossible.

I support my clients in empowering themselves to be unconventional in loving and valuing themselves enough to turn their dreams into reality through diving into the real reasons for their blocks.  Not only do we work on the areas of your life you want to prioritize, the goals you want to achieve but lets also connect you to your intuition, so you never doubt your decisions again.  Let’s not forget my favorite part: Let's CELEBRATE your victories!






How do we do this?  Every month you have scheduled and structured support


-1-Hour Psychic/Medium Reading/ Intuitive Coaching

 -Understand how your intentions and focus have already been creating your life.  Now let me show you how we can change them to create the life you want

-Exploring and honing your own spiritual gifts (we all have them)

-Understand how the laws of the universe, energy, and the spiritual world works so you can find alignment and experience more joy and flow with less struggle

-Learn to Connect with your true self, the source of pure consciousness and divine intelligence for guidance

-Take a peek at what is coming up for you

-Hear messages from your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit about your direction

-Answer questions you have about what is unfolding


-1-Hour Intuitive Energy Healing

-Heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to restore you to your natural state of being

 -Remove blocks specific to what we are working on so you can step into ease and attain your desires

 -Release the past (this and past lives) and be in the present moment

-Let go of fear and anxiety for more clarity and less confusion related to our focus

-Relax and have less stress


-Membership to Revolution of Awakening: School of Spiritual Development

-A Video Library full of helpful on content on a wide variety of spiritual topics

-Monthly, Themes, Challenges and Workshops

-Interactive support and Forum

 -A community of like minded people to connect with

-So much more!


-Additional follow up calls/emails (up to 30 minutes a month)

-To support you with what whatever pops up along the way




This is for the people that:

- That are ready to prioritize themselves, to commit and show up in their lives.

- Invest the time and money in themselves and their dreams.

-Not scared to do the work and face the challenges of growth

-Trust the process and take responsibility for their lives and what they have created

-Willing to be vulnerable

-Let go of what they thought they knew about themselves and the world and rebuild their reality

-That understand or are starting to understand that there is more to our lives then what we were taught.


Bonus extras for 12 month commitment

-Free access to paid webinars and online events

-Discounts on live events (that I host)

-Discounts on additional services

-Discounts on Magickal Intentions products

-Priority booking

Serious about working with me as a life coach?

I have a referral list of Life Coach Clients you can contact about their experience working with me!

Ready to take the first step?

Lets set up a call to discuss working together























What Life Coaching Clients Say:

“I have been working with Allie as my life coach over the last 8 months, and I cannot even describe the significance she has had on my life for the better. We set goals from the start and work not only each month, but each week, towards achieving those goals. When goals have been achieved we create new ones as there is always something to work on and work towards in life. It has been so fulfilling to have the accountability and support during the process of change and achievement and I truly would not be where I am today without her. We have weekly calls which not only help me stay accountable, but the calls are also filled with guidance and information. On top of the weekly calls I also get to see her for a 2-hour in-person session where we can get even more detailed and specific, and I always leave feeling so refreshed, focused and determined.


Working with Allie has changed my life which in turn has made such a positive impact on my family as well. Before starting my life coaching with Allie, I was so mentally fuzzy, had big dreams but feelings of hopelessness in achieving those dreams, I was short-tempered, full of self-doubt and honestly feeling completely lost as a person. Since I started working with Allie I have gained a lot more clarity, truly do believe that my dreams are reachable, I've become more confident in myself and am starting to feel more aligned in life. I have made big decisions and moves in life that I would have never done on my own. I highly recommend life coaching with Allie - she will honestly help you change your life for the better.


There really is not a more perfect person to help you on your journey. She is not only your cheerleader and biggest support, but she will also challenge you (in a good way), hold you accountable in whatever you need, and she will really listen and help guide. Her dedication to help and complete belief in me has impacted me in such a positive way. Allie is truly amazing and I, myself, cannot wait to continue to work with her and see where my journey unfolds.”


-Meghan Rittmaster

Owner Of Foundational Journey



 "Allie was my Spiritual Mentor for around 8 months, and I can say with out a doubt she changed my life. Her constant loving, calming and kind nature helped me through some of the hardest moments of my life. She not only talked me through countless difficult situations with nothing but compassion and love, but also taught me many skills to aid in guiding myself. She will guide you, push you, teach you and challenge you all in the best ways. In our time working together, we worked on personal growth, spiritual growth, mediumship, charka healing and so much more in between. She truly helped me develop my gifts and discover traits about myself that I never knew. If you are ready to change your life, open your mind and grow into your higher self, I could not recommend having Allie as a Spiritual Mentor more. She is an extraordinary teacher, guide, person and most importantly, friend."


-Julia A. Lynch



Allie is nothing short of AMAZING! She has such an incredible gift, and I am so grateful for booking that first appointment.
Before I start, there is a time and place for therapy, and I have utilized it many times with success. But, since 2020, I needed something more as therapy wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed someone who was able to dig deeper and really "know" me.
This past summer, I decided to hire Allie as my Life Coach. It has been one of the BEST decisions I have ever made and is worth every penny. Allie has been able to take me where I didn't think I could go. She has helped me grow more as a person in three months than I would have ever grown on my own. This process is not always easy, and I have had to face hard truths. Allie has a way of saying what I need to hear, right when I need to hear it. I am then able to take this information, reflect, and dig deep. Doing this work allows me to find the truth within myself. I feel so blessed for the opportunity to work with her.
Allie also has the Revolution of Awakening(ROA) membership. If you have been on the fence about joining this program- DO IT! It is a gold mine for information and has something for everyone. I could spend hours in ROA growing my knowledge. You can tell Allie really loves what she does and wants to help others grow too.
I could go on and on about Allie. Her readings are accurate, and her healings are rejuvenating. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with her, because you are feeling drawn to her for a reason :)


-Jessica Lambrecht



Allie is the best psychic medium, healer & her coaching is excellent. I wish I had met her several decades ago but it is never to late. I am extremely grateful & happy to have one to one sessions with her.

-A K Johnson


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