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Psychic / Medium Readings




-I will meditate for 30 minutes before the appointment to receive psychic information for you from your higher self and Spirit.  I give you the messages I receive at the beginning of the session.

-A 45-60 minute 1:1 session focused on you and your needs.



Psychic Mediumship readings are private (one on one) sessions that run between 45 minutes to 60 minutes, and can be done in person at my office in Carver (near Chaska), over the phone (for readings in the U.S.), or through Zoom (for International readings).  I provide readings for people all over the world, which are just as accurate as when someone is in the room with me.  Energy does not know distance.  All readings are done in love and light.  I connect with Spirit Guides, Totems, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and beings in unconditional love to provide you with insightful answers, messages and healing.  All "in person" readings include Oracle Card drawing to reinforce and validate the information received.  

For info about me and how I do what I do visit ABOUT.

Psychic Readings

My personal style for readings is to use my gifts (including my gifts as a spiritual teacher and healer) to provide my clients with information regarding the occurrences in their lives on a deep level.  I come from a "life coaching" perspective to provide insight that can be applied into daily life, used to understand the patterns, what needs to be healed and what can be done to create results in the areas of life that change is desired.  Of course we can look into what the future holds but I believe ethical readings are about showing you how your intentions are creating the future not only predicting the future since freewill is the strongest force in what will unfold.  Your future isn't set in stone, lets talk about how you can create it.

You can ask any questions, nothing is taboo, but please note I do not do any form of "psychic stalking".


I will not make decisions for you, my goal is to use my gifts to guide you on your path.

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings focus specifically on connection to deceased loved ones (human and/or pets).  We can connect to as many loved ones as time allows. 


If you would like to focus primarily on mediumship please write "mediumship" in the "notes" section when scheduling and I will forgo the meditation for psychic information beforehand. That way we can get right to connecting you with your loved ones and if psychic questions come up, you can still ask.

Psychic/Mediumship Readings 

Sessions can provide information on any area of your life that is in need of illumination.  Sessions can include any of the following:


  • Gaining insight and clarity to your questions                   

  • Connecting to deceased loved ones, including pets

  • Providing guidance in navigating your life                        

  • Animal Communication for living pets

  • Dream Interpretation                                                       

  • Insight and information regarding Past Lives

  • Developing your own intuition and spiritual gifts



If you would like to bring someone with you for your reading or they would like to be part of the reading it is an additional $50.00 for that person.  With each person present, there is more energy and more messages that I must sift through and translate.

 Please visit "Psychic Parties/Events" for information on group readings.


NEW CLIENT?  Check out the New Client package for a special offer and discount HERE

RETURNING CLIENT? Check out the Reading+Healing package and  "Bundle and Save" Packages HERE






I use Paypal for payment. You don't need a Paypal account as Paypal accepts credit, debit and gift cards.  All Payments must be done at the time of scheduling to reserve your appointment and allow as much time as possible for your reading.  Thank you!

*If you don't see a time or date that works for you on the online booking calendar, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.


 Please contact for same day and "emergency appointments" (additional fee).


By scheduling an appointment or service you understand and agree to all TERMS AND CONDITIONS (CLICK HERE) including rescheduling, late policy, etc. and have read "Preparing For A Reading/Healing" 

Note for In Person Readings: A cat and stairs live here.  If stairs are an issue please contact me and we can set up your session in another room.

Male Clients: Phone/Zoom sessions can be scheduled for any available time.  Please contact me for IN PERSON session availability.

Takes place in Carver, MN at my office. This is a private reading for 1 person. Additional people can be added for an additional cost.
In Person Private Reading
1 hr
Phone Readings (US) - This service is for callings within the U.S. I will call you at the appointment time scheduled at the phone number you provide.
Phone (U.S. and Canada)
1 hr
Zoom Readings (International) The reading takes place over Zoom for International readings. I will provide you with a Zoom link the day before the appointment.
Zoom Reading (International)
1 hr
This "in person" 1-hour session is for 2 people.
"In Person" Reading for 2
1 hr
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