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Intuitive Development Series

Next Opportunity August 3

Divination and Brunch

Spend a Saturday morning with amazing people, eating delicious treats and developing your intuition!

Your Intuition is like a muscle and practicing different techniques and using different tools strengthens it which makes your intuition clearer, sharper and stronger! 

So many people have been feeling lonelier, less connected and are looking for more socialization and fun...this is the perfect remedy. Come on your own or bring your crew!



Intuitive Development Workshop

Each Class will focus on a different technique or divination tool to help you connect to your own intuition, hone the energy, and understand the information.

You will then be paired up with other students to practice!

Educational handouts will be provided



A buffet with an assortment of delectable sweet and savory treats. A new menu each week. The scrumptious goodies will be made from scratch by professional chefs using as many local ingredients from farmers markets as possible to support local business.

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Crystal Ball

Private Readings

Everyone will receive a 15 minute private reading for your own guidance and clarity!

Ask your questions or connect with deceased loved ones!

August 3: Palmistry

The reading of palms is an ancient art that can give you insight into yourself and others. Much like an astrology chart holds information of your soul's path, the unique lines on your hands do as well. 

There will be information handouts and you'll have access to my video in Revolution of Awakening on Palmistry for you to watch at home!

Get a chance to practice in the development circle! A safe, non judgmental, pressure free fun space!

Going into the tea leaves training, my only thought was about how I didn't fully trust myself on what I would see and what if I didn't see anything while everyone else saw something. Allie's guidance, assurance, and calming presence helped put my mind at ease. Being surrounded by nice, relaxed, and like minded people also helped relax my mind as well. When I shut my logical brain off, at least to some degree, I was able to get messages from the tea leaves such as a trip being thought of, wisdom being shifted through a partnership between a person and their higher self, and someone feeling like a robot while doing their work in their career. Please come to an event of Allie's, relax your mind, and believe that your connection to the universe will guide you to insights you wouldn't fully believe you have inside yourself.

-Jeremy S.

(July 13 Tea Reading Edition of Divination and Brunch)

Yes!!! Next one please!!! And It was an absolutely fabulous time!!

-Emily W.

(July 13 Tea Reading Edition of Divination and Brunch)


It was a great time! Enjoyed the conversations and learning! I would love to go to the next one!

-Megan W.

(July 13 Tea Reading Edition of Divination and Brunch)

What Are People Saying About "Divination and Brunch"?

All Inclusive

15 minute reading ($90 value)

 30 Minute Workshop ($35 value)

Brunch ($35 Value)

Video ($30 value)

Intuitive Development Circle: (priceless)



Limited to 8 participants per event

Location: my home in Carver

10:00 am-12:30 pm

Email with my address and information will be sent the day before the event

$125 per person

All Sales Final due to limited availability

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