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New Moon In Aries

About New Moons

The New Moon marks the birth and death of the lunar phase. Every month the moon transitions through her cycles, dancing through the sky. When the moon conjuncts the sun, she becomes invisible to earth, shrouded by the earth’s shadow. This ends the cycle of the waning moon and begins the waxing crescent moon. The cycle shifts again when the waxing moon becomes the full moon and will then wane, repeating the eternal pattern.

Due to the conjunction with the sun, New Moons are times when the feminine moon energies (our emotion, intuition, unconscious) merge with the masculine sun (action, material, identity)and unite in balance and harmony. The timing is traditionally seen as a new beginning in energy and one of setting intentions for manifestation.

New Moon In Aries

Aires is the fiery sign of potential, the "self" and instincts, ruling the 1st house in astrology (new beginnings, fresh starts, leadership, ego, initiatives). This new moon, with all the planets currently direct, is here to unleash our power to create our desired reality through shaping, molding, building, exploring and cooperating to manifest it. It is a process of creation instead of a "snap of the fingers- instant gratification". There is no "magick genie" to grant your wishes but the universe is strongly supporting your ability to achieve your goals. This is a great opportunity to focus on wealth, success, friendships, and promotion but the Saturn influence may have you face your fears to do it. An opportunity for expansion will come by releasing self doubt, fear and pessimism. It is a time to stand up and experiment with creating your life out of the curiosity of what you can achieve when you do.

It time to ditch the rational though and trust your instincts. Trust that you know what is right for you and trust yourself. You may find that this is challenged by outside influences trying to dictate and manipulate what you know is best for you with imposing obligations, expectations, and commitments that are outdated with where you want to be heading. Setting healthy boundaries (especially this weekend) may be your best course of action. The timing is right (With Mercury being direct and Mars in Gemini) to have the hard conversations that you have been putting off which can break the old conditions and commitments that no longer are aligned with what feels right for you, especially regarding career and relationships. Networking, outreach, artistic pursuits, expression and communication of all kinds will have an extra energetic bump, as well.

Trust your own "magick" and connect with your authenticity to move forward. Let go of what and where you have been resisting . We often don't realize how much we are struggling or how tight we have been holding on to what we don't need until we let go, surrender, and feel the relief in trusting that we will be supported.


Now is the perfect time to start taking action and forge ahead with creating the life you want. When challenges rear their ugly head, tune in and connect with yourself for the solutions. Have faith in yourself and trust that you know what is truly best for you, as long as you are following your authenticity. Take the necessary course of action to align with your desires. Let go of what no longer serves you and trust that you will be supported.

How to work with these energies

Connect with your intuition

Meditate on the clearing and manifesting power of fire


Record your dreams

Manifestation rituals, especially "candle magick"

Vision Boards and intention setting

Energy Healing


Balancing our divine masculine and feminine energies

Journaling Exercise:

1. List the areas and circumstances in your life that you would like to change (manifest, release, grow).

2. List the things that have held you back from taking action.

3. List where you need to let go and trust more in the circumstances and yourself.

4. Meditate and envision you taking the action needed, surmounting the challenge and reaching your goal. Make notes of how you supported yourself in the meditation and write down the ways you know you can trust yourself and how you will be supported.


Allie Maurer is an International Spiritual Teacher that uses her abilities as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through Private Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Events; she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance... She also adores working with animalsas an Animal Communicator and Animal Healer!Follow her on Join her Spiritual Community at her out at www.AllieMaurer.comCheck out what others say about working with her

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