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New Moon in Pisces

March 6, 2019

About New Moons

The New Moon marks the birth and death of the lunar phase. Every month the moon transitions through her cycles, dancing through the sky. When the moon conjuncts the sun, she becomes invisible to earth, shrouded by the earth’s shadow. This ends the cycle of the waning moon and begins the waxing crescent moon. The cycle shifts again when the waxing moon becomes the full moon and will then wane, repeating the eternal pattern.

Due to the conjunction with the sun, New Moons are times when the feminine moon energies (our emotion, intuition, unconscious) merging with the masculine sun (action, material, identity) unite in balance and harmony. The timing is traditionally seen as a new beginning in energy and one of setting intentions for manifestation.

New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the watery sign of our emotions, intuition, and spiritual evolution and rules the “12th House” (healing, manifestation, spirituality, confinement) in astrology. With the New Moon entering this sign one day after Mercury goes retrograde ( in Pieces, it is a time of deep introspection and beginnings of shifts in our spiritual expansion. We are urged to drop our old expectations, limiting beliefs and examine where we have stood in our own way. It is time to upgrade our thinking. The night of the New Moon, new seeds will be planted.

It is also worth noting that on the same day as the New Moon, Uranus (the planet of change and awakening) moves into the sign fiery sign of Taurus. We will be asked how we can step more into a place of leadership and power in our own lives. Many people will experience significant life changes. The new lessons that will be triggered in our lives will be our concept of security, stability and celebrating what we have already achieved. Historically, it’s a time of revolution in industry.


These energy shifts are about jumping into fresh water, opening us to fresh possibilities and opportunities. It is also about learning to step up and surrender to the flow in a harmonious way. It is not a time of deep thought as much as it is a time for deep feeling, which is where our wisdom lies.

The nurturing waters of Pisces urge us to come home to the depth of our true essence and find self-love in deep, sometimes, radical ways. For many people this is the perfect event to rewire the brain and beliefs to align with self-love and truly accept and embrace oneself; which can be a foreign concept and “radical” shift to so many.

The timing of all these occurrences is the Universes way of preparing us for new beginnings: individually and collectively. Use this opportunity to think bigger, more creatively and from a different perspective at what is occurring in life. Then allow expansion, growth and a new phase to occur.

Visualize a lotus seed sprouting and piercing through the soil into the muddy waters of emotion, shadow, and intuition to come to bloom and peacefully float on the surface of the waves as a beautiful, white flower. This is what this New Moon represents.

How to dance with these energies

  • Play with water. Take a bath with Himalayan salt, essential oils and candles. Make “moon water”. Go for a swim in the ocean.

  • Connect with your intuition

  • Meditate

  • Journal

  • Record your dreams

  • Manifestation rituals

  • Vision Boards and intention setting

  • Energy Healing

  • Self-nurture

  • Balancing our divine masculine and feminine energies


Allie Maurer is an International Spiritual Teacher that uses her abilities as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through Private Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Events; she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance...

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