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Mercury Retrograde March 5- March 28, 2019

What it is and what you need to know

Theme: Conscious Creation with Communication

Mercury retrograde is now upon us, my Lovelies! The “pre-shadow” phase (the phase before the actual retrograde transition and when we start to sense Mercury’s energy shifts) started in February, and the Retrograde station happens March 5 and will remain retrograde until March 28 and then will transit into the post shadow phase until mid-April.

This retrograde starts off the 2019 retrograde season. If you feel like time is flying by and you can’t catch your breath…this retrograde can help! All the planets have been direct since this January, which has been quite a change for us since 2018 was tumultuous in its retrograde cycles, we have not experienced the planets direct for this amount of time for quite a while. For many people it has been challenging to calibrated to the forward momentum of life.

How the retrograde will affect you personally will depend largely on your own astrological chart. As a person with a Sun in Gemini and Virgo Ascendant (both signs are ruled by Mercury) I am highly effected during this time. My energy always seems to impact tech but during Mercury Retrograde there is a pronounced increase, which is just one example.

What is a Retrograde?

Retrogrades happen when the planets appear to move backwards against the stars during their orbit. In astrology their energetic effects pertain to our inner or spiritual world instead of the physical/material plane. They are meant to slow down areas of our lives (governed by the specific planet) so we can fully learn, absorb, and comprehend the lessons that have been presented during the direct phase of that planet’s cycle. Retrogrades are opportunities for us to “take the quiz” and determine if we can move on from the experience that was presented to us, or if we need to stay in this growth cycle to master lessons. Its an opportunity to graduate and begin a new phase of experiences.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the retrograde that many people seem to notice “wreaking havoc” in their lives. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo and rules over communication and expression, travel, intellect and logic. It usually retrogrades 3-4 times a year. When in retrograde, we may see issues in communication, technology going haywire, travel delays, plans getting a shake up, items going missing, etc.

The purpose for this is a period of reflection, finishing projects and tying loose ends before moving on to the next “thing”. Its traditionally said that contracts and legal agreements should be avoided, as well as major decisions. However, our lives should not be put on hold, but extra caution is advised. Reread the contracts and agreements, be patient with delays, and be more mindful of your communication.

Everything is energy and these are energetic shifts. Retrogrades do not rule our lives, they simply affect the current of the river that is our lives.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury performs its “backwards” waltz through the sign of Pisces (emotion, intuition, sensitivity) this month. Then, on March 6 we have a New Moon in Pisces and Uranus is also shifting into Taurus on the same day! (another blog post on that is in the works)

This may be an emotional time, and you may feel overwhelmed and have a difficult time communicating your emotions. Be careful of not letting that lead to frustration and resentment towards others if you don’t feel understood. Try not to be overly critical and be patient in your relationships.

This, also, suggests that miscommunications in media are likely to occur especially with assumptions, confusion, and not giving the full story. It can result in the spread of fear and false information. You can already see this happening with the “Momo Challenge” hoax resurfacing, even in the main stream media. Warnings about children’s videos on YouTube being sliced in with a “Momo” character to promote self-harm has never actually existed however posts on Facebook and the evening news declare danger. It has spread a lie and through it, fear. It is important to recognize the emotions this triggers in you and the group collective.

Use this retrograde as an opportunity to be hyper conscious in what you are communicating, the messages you are sharing, and think of the big picture when doing this. Transcend the details and look at the long-lasting impact of your words and what you choose to express.

That sarcastic snide remark you made to your child? You may forget you made it 5 minutes later, however it may be a wound they carry for years.

Even a good intention comment can backfire if you are blind to the possible negative affect. If you are posting stories on social media about injustice to raise awareness on issues: are you helping or hurting? It is true that we can’t make change if we aren’t aware of the problem but by only posting “problems” you create space for pain, fear, and dis-empowerment unless you provide a solution.

For example, if trying to raise awareness that there is a homeless problem in your area, instead of posting stories showing all the heartache do some research and also provide resources to teach people how they can get involved: where they can volunteer, how they can help, what politician they can write to in the hopes of being a part in the positive change. If we see nothing but the pain in the world, we will be blind to the beauty.

Examine how you can “clean up” your communication. Try to be vigilant in your intention, clear in your message, and transcendent in your desired effect. People may still misunderstand you, but if they do, it is their perception and interpretation of the message. Use your words only if they improve upon silence. Words are vibration and they manifest bringing creation to your reality. Create something positive with your words instead of harm. Speak with wisdom.

A strong mantra to keep in mind during this retrograde; to master during this retrograde; to carry with you into the future before you speak, post, and share:



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