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New Moon In Taurus

About New Moons

The New Moon marks the birth and death of the lunar phase. Every month the moon transitions through her cycles, dancing through the sky. When the moon conjuncts the sun, she becomes invisible to earth, shrouded by the earth’s shadow. This ends the cycle of the waning moon and begins the waxing crescent moon. The cycle shifts again when the waxing moon becomes the full moon and will then wane, repeating the eternal pattern.

Due to the conjunction with the sun, New Moons are times when the feminine moon energies (our emotion, intuition, unconscious) merge with the masculine sun (action, material, identity)and unite in balance and harmony. The timing is traditionally seen as a new beginning in energy and one of setting intentions for manifestation.

New Moon In Taurus

Taurus energy pertains to the material world, stability, security and even a dash of luxury. The effect of Taurus energy on this new moon will be bringing us from the deep realms of spiritual expansion back a bit into the material world, which is not a bad place to be because of our need for balance. So although this time is also great for spiritual endeavors (we can even be asked how to make our spiritual practices more enjoyable), the real focus will be adding more fun and play into our physical lives. There is a real need here that people overlook and real evidence people need play in their lives for well-being.

With the Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn Retrogrades now in effect until autumn, we are presented with the opportunity to access how we are standing in our way of expansion, alignment, abundance, and growth. Where are our shadow aspects and fear holding us back, as well as, our relationship of exterior authority and responsibility?

The new moon encourages us to look at physical self care as part of a responsibility to our self and our well-being. Health and enjoyment of life, along with prosperity, are all parts of abundance which we are supported in pursuing. This is a great time to add creativity to anything we do, so find new creative exercise practices ( goat and llama yoga are great for this and I have been loving the yoga classes combined with animals offered locally!), be creative with incorporating healthier nutrition, and creative in enjoying life.

When thoughts come up during this time emphasizing all the "things" we "should" be doing and focused on, remind yourself that taking care of your personal needs in the material world is just as important as anything else. As long as we are doing it in a healthy, responsible balance. If you seek comfort and joy through the material world only, then you might get an unpleasant wake up call to cultivate peace and happiness within, to make the material world actually enjoyable instead of the unhealthy never ending search for happiness outside oneself that can never be satisfied. When we have happiness within we can truly find gratitude for what the physical world can offer, you could say the beauty of all is amplified and can truly be appreciated.

This time can also be very inspirational for us to let go of caring what people think of us and comparing ourselves with others. If jealousy, shame, competitiveness, unworthiness, or not feeling good enough are triggered then focus on what needs to be healed. Are you coming from a perspective of lack in your own life? Is there unworthiness that needs to be healed? Fear of rejection? Your power in every situation is your attention given, perspective, and engagement with the situation. Don't let external forces dictate your sense of satisfaction in life, this can be a time when the opportunities to practice this are presented.

Real stability comes from within, the understanding that we are fully able to provide for ourselves, and the universe is always supporting us. During this time, however, we are can focus and on establishing our desires in the external world.

The other energetic event to note was May 1 (Beltane) was this week which is the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice and is celebrated for the energetic power of fertility and the earth energy. Earth energy can really help us ground our energy from the intense astrological shifts going on around us. The earth gives and always nurturing no matter "who" does "what" to her. She supports everyone. So we can be brought back to the concept of balance: giving and receiving. As our focus may be on the material world and taking advantage of the fertile energy it is not a time for greed and hoarding. It is a time of giving and receiving equally. It is a time of deep contemplation on what we discover during this process of exploring our ability to manifest in the material world and our true motivation behind our desires.


This is a great time to get creative and start new projects to increase abundance. Follow your intuition on what you can do to create the life you want with added focus on healthy habits. Prioritize play and fun during this time, as well. Avoid greed, excess, and hoarding. Let go of needing external validation and comparing yourself to others.

How to work with these energies

-Connect with your intuition

-Meditate on connecting to the fertile, abundant and nurturing Earth energy


-Manifestation rituals

-Vision Boards and intention setting

-Energy Healing

-Self-nurture, especially play and earthing

-Balancing our divine masculine and feminine energies

-Using creativity

Flower New Moon Manifestation Ritual


-Pot of growing soil

-Flower seeds (I prefer Sunflowers for this)

-a log strip of paper. Handmade is best and can be purchased online.


-Sweet Or Wild Orange oil (optional)

- Citrine Crystal (optional)

1.) Write a desire you would like to manifest on a thin strip of paper. (an abundance desire is perfect for this New Moon). Dab it with orange oil if using.

2.) Place the strip in the dirt forming a circle by bringing the long ends together and push it firmly into the soil so it is covered.

3.) Place the seeds with in the circle created by the paper.

4.) Set the Citrine on top of the soil but to the side of the circle, so it does not interfere with the seeds sprouting.

5.) Say a positive manifestation affirmation and repeat it every time you water the seeds. Create this yourself and say it from the heart.

As you water and nurture the flowers, you nurture your desire as the flowers bloom, so too does your wish.

If you are feeling extra crafty decorate the outside of the pot with pictures, symbols, words, and colors that align with your desire!


Allie Maurer is an International Spiritual Teacher that uses her abilities as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through Private Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Events; she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance... She also adores working with animals as an Animal Communicator and Animal Healer!

Follow her on Join her Spiritual Community at her out at www.AllieMaurer.comCheck out what others say about working with her

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