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Engaging The Heart Center

*8 Easy and Effective Ways For Connecting To The Heart

(Original version can be found in this month's edition of The Edge Magazine: in print or online here


If you want to know yourself, look to your heart. The heart is the beautiful doorway that allows us to connect with our soul.

When we can open that door; passion, love, gratitude, and joy can fill our lives and flow into everything we create pouring more beauty into the world. All our best attributes come from and are strengthened by the unconditional love that exists with in us, as this is our true essence. And not only does our heart connect us with our soul, but it is how our soul connects with the souls of others.

By working with our radiant heart spaces, we find peace, guidance, and inspiration as well. However, it requires an open heart to do so. So often people close their hearts off and build walls to protect themselves from the natural pain, grief, and sadness that come from the human experience. But this can not be if we are to live full expressions of what we are capable of. We must live life fully and allow life to flow through us and our hearts. We must be open to receive life and love. So, we must learn how to work with our hearts, and open that space to our hearts.

8 Tips To Engage The Heart Center:

1. Give love and give it freely. Our heart craves connection. Fall in love with yourself, your fellow man, animals and this world. There is hope and beauty here. Tap into unconditional love that rests in your heart. You can do this by meditation, practicing gratitude, and raising your vibration.

2. Heal your heart. Let go of the old baggage and stored pain. Set your heart free by lightening the load you have been carrying. Trust that you no longer need to hold on to those experiences, your soul will integrate the lessons, so you can move forward. You can get an energy healing, practice forgiveness, or do a releasing ritual.

3. Trust your heart. If you’re alive it means your heart is beating, and it hasn’t failed you. It has been working for you physically and spiritually your whole life. It is there for you. Nurture it by giving it nourishing food, exercise (yoga is a great way to support and embrace your heart space), and rest.

4. Listen to your heart. Your heart will guide you and lead you into alignment with your highest potential: unconditional love. Get quiet and allow your heart to communicate with you. Surround yourself with people that uplift your heart. Meditation, guided meditation and journaling can be great ways to get started.

5. Spend time in nature and with animals as they radiate unconditional love energy. Both are healing, restorative and supportive. Go for a hike, bring houseplants into your space and cuddle with a pet.

6. Do things you are passionate about and that bring you joy. Your heart sings when you are actively participating in life by doing what you love. Dive into the vibrancy and variety of what your existence has to offer with food, travel, exploration, curling up on a rainy day with a good book, creating, writing, or whatever it is that makes you happy to be alive!

7. Listen to music that connects you to your heart. It does not have to be love songs,...just any music that fills you with life, makes you want to move your body and puts a smile on your face.

8. Love yourself. Have deep acceptance for who you are and what you are here to do whether that is a clear vision or a vague idea. Be grateful for your life and opportunity to evolve through the experimentation you are afforded by being alive. There are so many ways we can do this, yet it is often one of the most difficult. All the tips above can help, as well as counselors, spiritual teachers, self-discovery techniques, and truly believing we are deserving of love.


Connecting to the heart space can be that step in your life that leads to fulfillment, enlightened perspective, and hearing our soul’s guidance. It may start as a whisper but with time and practice it turns into a wonderful presence that fills the corners of life’s experiences. Always within us and always connecting us to unconditional love.


Allie Maurer is an International Spiritual Teacher that uses her abilities as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through Private Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Events; she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance...

She also adores working with animals

as an Animal Communicator and Animal Healer!

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