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3 Steps to Move Beyond Intuition into Psychic Ability

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

The Journey to Trusting, Believing, and Allowing

Moving Beyond Intuition into Psychic Ability

(Original Version appeared in print in The Edge Magazine)

Developing your psychic abilities and gifts to become more then intuition means 3 things; TRUSTING, BELIEVING and ALLOWING. It is simple, not easy, but the simplest solutions in life are never easy. This I know well; I have had to surrender to it many times.

As a child I was highly gifted, but being told I had an overactive imagination, or I was only experiencing coincidences took its toll. As I matured, I was concerned I may be schizophrenic, after all if you hear and see that which others do not… there must be something mentally wrong. However, at the age of 14 my first mentor found me, educated me on my gifts and changed the direction of my life. Before I was 15, she guided me to a coffee shop in Uptown, introduced me to people I have never met, and instructed me to divulge to them whatever came to my mind. I was told to TRUST; the information, Spirit, and (most difficult) myself. I did, and I was shocked that the information I received was incredibly detailed and accurate for the strangers that sat across from me in that dark room.

From those first readings to my early twenties, I stood firm in the Trust and who I was. However, life has a funny way of testing us. From traumas, tragedies and frightening experiences the trust faded, my gifts hibernated, and my true self was lost to me. I tried to live a “normal life”, ignoring that which gnawed deep within my soul. I attempted to rationalize my experiences away as analytically and logically as I could manage, but they weren’t possible to excuse. There was too much evidence that I had skills that were not… “normal”.


Through a series of events October 2015 would become the catalyst to again send me on the path of my purpose- to use my gifts to serve others. The work began. I had a new mentor, YouTube guided meditations, and an online course to reawaken my abilities. It was all superfluous. It was my belief in myself that had been demolished and that is what needed to be restored. You start there. If you want to develop your abilities, you first must believe you are capable of doing so. The belief does not come from confirmation and validation you witness through success; success comes through believing. It is having faith in yourself. What you believe becomes your reality and drives your intention.


To Trust the information coming through is not your imagination is the next barrier you need to tear down. To become vulnerable is an uncomfortable space you must become familiar with and embrace because it is the space of sacred possibilities to manifest.

For the first year and a half of starting my business as a Professional Psychic Medium and Healer: nerves rose in me when I would sit across from a client for the first time. I was subjecting myself to the possibilities of embarrassment and disappointment of that person telling me that my messages don’t resonate with them, that I am wrong. But it never happened and the more I trusted in my abilities and surrendered into that trust the easier everything became. I keep that in mind as I surrender, Trust, and Believe that I am more than capable.


Allowing the information, instead of struggling to control it, is the other key. I don’t try to understand or censor the messages. I simply allow them to come through however they desire through clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, empathy and mediumship. I know that I am a channel for the information from Spirit, that it is not mine. I am a translator and at times an interpreter. So I surrender and allow.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind: your gifts are unique. When I mentor other psychics, mediums, and healers on growing and strengthening their gifts, I first help them understand that their gifts will work for them in ways that differ from others with the same gifts. I hear often hear things like: “but I was reading if you are clairvoyant then you see individual pictures” or similar objections. Simply because your gifts don’t work like other peoples’, does not mean you do not possess them. They will work in the way that is right for you, keep an open mind. Once you have opened your mind: then Trust, Allow, And Believe.


Allie Maurer is an International Spiritual Teacher that uses her abilities as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through Private Sessions, Spiritual Mentorship, Life-Coaching and Events; she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance...

She also adores the work she does with animals as and Animal Communicator and Animal Healer!

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