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Spiritual Sisterhood


Thrive: Spiritual Sisterhood Retreat

Mindfulness, Manifestation, and Magick

June 22, 2019

We THRIVE when we feel connected!  Connected to ourselves, the Earth, and each other.

Join us for an empowering day of Women, High-Vibrations, and Nature.

An awakening journey for woman seeking expansion through movement,

stillness, and creation.

The 2nd Annual celebration is 1 day this year and located at Clifton E. French Park in Plymouth, MN.

Spiritual ALL INCLUSIVE experience to awaken and align you on your journey.



Allow yourself to dive deep into your own healing process by connecting with the rhythms of nature through hiking, the fluid movement of the Yoga Class, and The Energy Healing



The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and regarded as one of the most powerful.  Align with the supportive energies of nature and rediscover the magick of this special day.  The  Manifestation Workshop will explain how Law of Attraction really works and give real tips on how to create in your life.  The Nature:Your Manifestation Powerhouse Workshop will teach you how to  use moon cycles, plants, essential oils, crystals and more to manifest your hearts desires.  It even includes a Bath Salt Making Workshop, so you'll bring home a bit of this day's magick with you! 



Allow yourself to be supported and build lasting connection with your fellow sisters during this experience.  You will be engaged in activities that promote trust and support building friendships and sisterhood.    We Rise Together!  The Exclusive Facebook Group will allow everyone to connect and meet each other before the retreat!


Restore your mind, body, and soul with relaxation and unplugging from the outside world.  Explore your bodies natural ability to detoxify and heal with wild land, fresh healthy food, movement, and rest.  Learn about Grounding, Earthing and more at the Mindful Walking Workshop and Exploring the Gifts of Nature Group Hike .


Through the activities, healings and workshops you will be engaging connection to your higher self and strengthening your intuition. You will be supported in opening your intuition, allowing, believing and trusting your divine "GPS".  The Mindulness Workshop, Guided Meditation and Mandala Creation Workshop will be part of the support you recieve for this as well!

This retreat will focus on tuning in with the Summer Solstice energy and discovering how to be the passionate creator of your life and reawakening the magick in your life  through mindfulness and manifestation.    


Never practiced yoga?  Don't worry, an introduction is offered at the beginning of the class.  The Class is for all experience levels.

Feeling inspired to skip an activity and go kayaking?  This day is about nurturing your needs.  All activities are optional. 

Afraid you won't know anyone?  An Exclusive Facebook group will be created in advance for all attendees to get to know each other, ask questions, and for support during preparation for the journey!


* 6 group workshops

*1 group yoga class

*1 guided group meditation

*2 group ceremonies

*1 group Energy Healing

*1 Spiritual gift bag to support you

*Lunch, Dinner, Trail Mix and Infused Water

*Exclusive Facebook group access

Who This Is For

* Woman ready to support other woman and allow themselves to be supported. If you are ready to set aside egos, competitiveness and embrace sisterhood...this is the place!

* Woman that are ready tune in to themselves, others and the natural rhythms of nature

* Woman desiring to step up as the creative forces they are in their own lives

* Woman seeking more fulfillment and knowledge of the universe

*Woman craving more magick in their lives


Clifton E. French Park

This beautiful park is on the shore of Medicine Lake in the west Metro and is part of the Three Rivers Park District.  It Boasts over 9 miles of trails and has a Nature Exploration area.  The gorgeous setting is the perfect place to enjoy nature and unplug from the stresses of everyday life.  Whether joining our group mindfulness hike or enjoying the beach you'll have the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with mother earth.  You can even rent a kayak, canoe, paddleboard or rowboat.

We have rented a private meeting room to accommodate any weather (it has heat and air conditioning) for the day and give us a nice space to retreat to indoors, although we will be planning for most of the day to be outside.  This is a zero waste facility with modern bathrooms and concessions if you feel like you may want a treat. 


Check out all the park has to offer and get directions:


While revitalizing your mind and soul, your body will not be forgotten.  The meals will have an emphasis on fresh and healthy.  Special attention and passion will go into the creation of what will be nurturing you.  Delicious food will be viewed not only as what sustains you, but also what helps you thrive!  Lunch and dinner are included in your day and prepared by a professional and private chef.

french park2.jpg
french park.jpg




9:30   WELCOME

-Group introduction/meet and greet

-Receive gifts bag

-Sisterhood activity

-discuss schedule

10:00 Opening Ceremony


10:20 Yoga

11:30 Group Energy Healing




12:30 Lunch


1:30 Mindfulness Workshop and Guided Meditation

1:45 Manifestation Workshop

2:30 Mindful Walking Workshop and Group Hike

3:45 Nature: Your Manifestation Powerhouse Workshop

and Bath Salt Making Workshop


5:00 Dinner

6:00 Mandalas Workshop

7:00 Closing Ceremony


7:45 Depature

Weather permitting: Bonfire at another park...TBD

Jessica will Be giving Mindfulness tips throughout the day that you can incorporate in your day and life!

Schedule subject to change


Testamonials from the 2018 THRIVE: Spiritual Sisterhood Retreat 3 day weekend

I heard about the retreat from a good friend and it sounded really interesting.   Some of my favorite experiences of the weekend were spending time in nature, making memories and lifelong friendships.  While at the retreat I felt an abundance of love and support from the whole tribe. It was that natural higher frequency energy/vibration I crave and strive for.  The retreat had me Feeling so comfortable and confident with ME. It helped me forge a deeper connection with myself and add more perspective/open my mind. It's a place in my heart I still visit often when in need of love.

Allie and Jessica are two super powerful women and when combined they are truly inspirational and motivating everyone to be the best version. They are the change I have seen in the world by opening my eyes to all the wonderful things life has to offer.

        -Barbara Quale

       Belle Plaine



The retreat was amazing :) Super relaxing, grounding and full of sisterhood bonding! I loved the outdoor yoga, the location and the sessions. I liked the flexibility to participate in what we needed to be a part of. I loved the openness of the women and how much everyone was willing to come together. I would definitely go again!

             -Christine Priebe

       Prior Lake


I just wanted to say thank you to Allie & Jessica for being such wonderful hosts. This was a beautiful weekend and has renewed me in many ways. I have enjoyed getting to know each woman at the retreat. They were all very special in their own way. We were all brought together and I am thankful to have shared this experience with you. 💛

 -Deana Schilk

      North Carolina


Thank you Allie and Jessica for this amazing weekend. The time you put into planning to make everything perfect was appreciated whole heartedly. My heart and soul took one continuous picture. The non-judgmental love and support was amazing. Even though I may not have gotten to speak to each person individually, please know your sweet presence and spirit was felt in my heart. Nothing happens by accident. We were all meant to be there.  ♥️♥️

- Jodi Quercia

New Jersey

I had a session with Allie, and I got a great deal out of it, and I was looking to further explore, try something new, & get away.  So, I decided to sign up for the retreat.  My favorite parts were the group activities led by Allie and Jessica.  All around it was a great experience to connect and observe as different situations and feelings unfolded.  Connecting with others at the retreat was a good stretch for me. It helped me realize some of my qualities as well as opportunities of things I could work on myself, which I have found supportive in my life!

-Tanya Fredrick

Minneapolis, MN

The spiritual retreat was a great opportunity to relax and gather with like minded people without fear of judgement. It was a wonderful experience that included yoga, mediation, and best of all acting out our spiritual animals. The food was amazing and Allie and Jessica prepared a schedule the resulted in a mix of laughter, relaxation, and bonding with an amazing group of people!

-Meghan MacDonald

Burnesvill, MN

Not sure if the retreat is right for you?  Check out these tips on picking a retreat that aligns with you!

Limited Spots

Last year it sold out and there was a waiting list

Early Bird Special- $199 Ends May 10

Regular Price- $250 if you purchased May 11- June 15

Allie Maurer

Allie is a Psychic/Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Animal Communicator and Intuitive Certified Life Coach, with clients around the world.  

She loves educating and supporting people on their spiritual awakening journey. 

Co-creating our lives through empowerment, connecting to our higher selves, and awakening is something she deeply believes in.  Her desire is for everyone is to heal and rise above fear to live an extraordinary life.  She loves supporting people in doing this and teaching people to rise together. 

Allie has always had a strong love and connection to the nature, animals and the energy around us, which she is thrilled to share whenever she can!



Jessica Anderson

Jessica has a background in teaching and education and is passionate to share her knowledge with others!

Last year she started a new adventure, relocating to Thailand where she is a Spiritual Mindful Educator and is furthering her studies in mindfulness and healing modalities.  She is also a certified yoga instructor.  She is certified in Mindfulness Leadership from Columbia University!

She is excited to be joining us again for our second THRIVE retreat while she is back home in the Midwest!

Whether through dancing or yoga, she "connects" through movement of the body, as well as stillness, and is excited to share that with us during the retreat!


Private Chef

Jeff Baker

Jeff has been a professional chef for the last 17 years, following his graduation from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, and is excited to be creating delicious food for our retreat.  He has a passion for experiencing new restaurants and culinary concepts (locally and globally) and recreating the experiences at home.

Sorry ladies, crab legs not included!

All sales final

Pictures From the 2018 THRIVE: Spiritual Sisterhood Retreat

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