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July 23, 2022

8:00 am-7:30 pm


Now more then ever we are called to heal, empower ourselves, and birth new connections to build heart centered community.  Join us for an all-inclusive full day retreat to nurture your being through self care, play and workshops!  Light the SPARK by reconnecting to nature (and your intuition) and joining with like minded people to reclaim your essence and to IGNITE your soul... so you can SHINE! 


Recharge your battery by connecting with joy and embracing your inner child while experiencing the power of mindfulness combined with playing with animals!  Goat Yoga at Goat Shine in Glencoe MN.  The power of unconditional love from animal energy enhanced with the sheer enthusiasm of goats in a one of a kind experience which is sure to reawaken the soul!












Evolve your soul by connecting to the consciousness of the animal kingdom.  Whether you would like a deeper bond and understanding with your pet or you would enjoy communing with wild animals the Animal Communication Workshop will teach you the skills to connect with animals.



When we are in tune with our higher selves we have the ability to be guided through our lives with great ease and knowing. Deepen your connection to your higher self by strengthening your intuition with a fun, new activity that I've never introduced before! Learn the difference between psychic and mediumship and how to access the ability to channel divine guidance with the Intuition and Mediumship Strengthening Workshop.





The Group Energy Healing will clear off old, outdated, heavy energy and recalibrate your energy field to harmony and balance.

I will be incorporating the Healy Frequency Device into the group healing to amplify and accelerate the results.  



Move your body, connect with your breath, and take in the wonders of nature with a Short Hike at the Rapid Lake Visitor Center about a 5 mile drive from our retreat location and the trail is about .8 miles. We will take our time moving down the trail and learn about Foraging for useful plants and harvest gifts from nature to add to your wreaths!  I will also be teaching about the benefits of Earthing!   If you prefer to skip the hike you can sit at the trail head on one of the benches and watch the many wild birds that call the nature center home during the summer.



Release your creative spark with the fun Magickal Wreath Workshop.  Learn not only the history of wreaths, but how to build a beautiful wreath and how to use it to manifest your desires!  You will create one to take home as well!









If time allows or weather interferes with our hike we will shine some light into your life with Gallery Readings.  Uncover what has eluded you, see what will unfold, speak to a deceased loved one or even a pet!   



Enjoy a delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner prepared from scratch by a professional, private chef.  

We will be sourcing as many ingredients from local farms as possible

Breakfast- Made to order omelets, baked goods and yogurt parfait bar

Lunch- 2 options of savory Crepes made right in front of you! Plus salad, sides and treats!

Dinner- Paella Party! Paella made right in front of you (Meat and veggie, no seafood)! Plus breads, accompaniments and desserts.

Vegetarian and gluten free options available at each meal








A special gift!  Everyone gets a custom swag bag with hand selected items just for them!


All Inclusive Event

-90 Minutes of Goat Yoga and goat snuggle time at Goat Shine Farm

-Group Energy Healing

-3 Gourmet Meals made by a Private Chef with food sourced from local farms

-Wreath Workshop with all supplies

-Animal Communication Workshop

-Intuition and Mediumship Workshop

-Group Hike with mini workshops on Foraging and Earthing

- Swag Bag!

-Gallery Readings (if time allows)

* Plus you will be supporting multiple small local business and farms!


All for less cost then a 2 hour private session!

Limited space available, purchase your tickets before it fills up!

Participants will receive an email 48 hours before the event with additional info and address.

SOLD OUT All Inclusive for $299/person.  Early Bird Special $275 if you purchase your ticket by June 21!


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