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Winter Retreat

February 24  11:00-5:00 pm

Celebrate the beautiful Virgo full moon with a day of laughter, fun and amazing women!

Virgo is "the healer" and what better healing than joy, community and play?

This all inclusive* day is tailored to put a smile on your face, heal your inner child and learn to prioritize enjoying the precious moments in your life. There is so much radiant light of divine love filling and radiating from the planet right now.  Its time for you to embody it and radiate it, too!

Cocoa Ritual

Lets start our retreat by connecting to the sacred with the Ceremonial Cocoa Ritual. Ceremonial Cocoa is cocoa in its purest form used for thousands of years for spiritual awakening. It is prized for its ability to open the heart chakra, ground energy, enhance intuition, facilitate healing and balance the body.


Ceremonial Cocoa also has many health benefits and is known to induce euphoric states. 

Learn more about Ceremonial Cocoa and experience its properties during this healing ritual.

Also included:

-Guided Meditation 

-Intuitive Energy Healing



They say laughter is the best medicine! Learn the power of laughter (it's scientifically proven!) and its many benefits with a special Laughter Workshop.

Connect with your playful and joyous nature with the Inner Child Workshop.  Working with your inner child can result in more happiness, feeling more stable and experiencing more freedom!

Also included:

-Inner Child Meditation 

-Energy Healing to heal the Inner Child

-Journaling Activity

-Our favorite funny meme contest and prize

Tea Party

Enjoy a whimsical tea party! Traditional favorite treats mingle with "grown up" gourmet versions of childhood favorite foods! Delight your senses as you enjoy delicious delectables. It brings playful, indulgent and a fun experience to your meal!


This is a full lunch catered by a professional chef! Real food from scratch and made with love.


-Savory and sweet assortments of sandwiches, pastries, accompaniments and more! (Gluten free and vegetarian options available)

-A selection of teas, homemade organic kombucha and other options

-Snacks in case you get a bit peckish through the day

tea party.jpeg

"UpCycled" Art

Connect with your creative side! Whether you are new to painting or a pro this fun project will let that inner child out and put a smile on your face!

Bring a picture or painting you want to modify and have fun! This could be a cheap thrift store find you want to paint a cute ghost into the background of or that old, ugly family portrait in the attic that you want to paint mustaches and funny hats on your cousins! Let your imagination and paint brush run wild.

There will be "clean" stand up comedy playing as we paint, for an added laugh!


-Paint and Paint Brushes

-Examples of projects given ahead of time so you have some ideas (and are prepared) with what kind of art you want to bring to modify

Game Time

Enjoy camaraderie and play a game! Each table will have a different board game or card game. Play a quick couple rounds as we chat, laugh and enjoy so much needed silly social time!


2024 Forecast

Now that our senses of humor are active, learn what 2024 potentially has in store! I will discuss the astrology, numerology, and my own channeled messages.

This is another intense year, so looking at it with humor and a high vibe is supportive for not giving into fear and for being able to see all the wonderful potential and beauty on the way, too!

tea hat.jpg

Dress Up

(Absolutely not required)

Feel free to let your inner child out playing dressing up! The dress you barely get to wear, and old bridesmaid dress, costume, onesie pajamas...or as you are!  Whatever puts a smile on your face!

*Hats for Tea Service encouraged but not required. Any hat will do! (cowboy hat, fancy hat, kookie headband, whatever you like!)

tea dress 2.jpg


-Ceremonial Cocoa Ritual with Workshop, Guided Meditation and Intuitive Energy Healing

-Laughter and Inner Child Workshops with Guided Meditation, Journaling, and Inner Child Energy Healing

-Favorite Funny Meme contest with prize

-Tea Party Lunch, beverages and snacks catered by a private chef

-"Upcycled Art" project. Supplies included, you bring the picture of your choosing

-Game Time

-2024 Forecast and messages

-a day of fun, healing, laughter and sisterhood!


Location: My home in Carver.


-Limited space available to just 14 people, purchase your tickets before it fills up!

-Participants will receive an email 48 hours before the event with additional info and address.


All for less the a 1 hour session!

$222 per person Early Bird Special $189 per person ends 2/6

ALL SALES FINAL due to limited availability

Sold Out

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