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Protection Candle

Protection Candle

Made During:

Moon Phase: Waning   Day of the Week: Saturday   Hour of the Day: Saturn

These special candles were made the day after the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, the day Uranus went direct and the day before the huge Saturn-Pluto conjunction!


These candles are a great way to clear the energy of a space and protect it from intrusive vibes.  It can be helpful when; you don't want your visitors leaving their energy behind, the astrological shifts are feeling intense, to remove energy that is already there...and to keep negative energy from coming back!


The Protection oil has a masculine scent of black pepper, bay, pine and sage- using 9 essential oils for this blend.  Turquoise crystal chips and leaves of wormwood are places on top, adding to the protection and banishing power.  


Each Magickal Intentions candle is made with pure essential oils, never fragrance oils. The essential oils used in the candle are the same as the corresponding intention oil. I hand pour small batches of 100% high-grade soy wax in reusable glass jars and add 100% cotton wicks.


Note: there is a very minor scent throw – the purpose of these candles are to set intention and bring magick into your life.


7 oz glass jars with cork lid.

Approx burn time is 30+ hours.

  • Product Warning

    For magickal uses only, not medicine. Not for consumption. Test product on a small patch of skin and if irritation occurs, please discontinue use as product may not be suitable for all skin types. Don’t leave where children and pets can get into product. 

    **All sales are final. ** 

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