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Love and Lust Box

Love and Lust Box

The most popular products all in one box and featuring my incredibly sought after Lust Oil.    This box is great for couples wanting to add more Love and Lust into relationships, single people desiring to manifest those energies into thier life, or even people craving more self love and passion for living!  You set the specific Intentions!

This box is curated with luxurious and exotic   magical ingrediants to manifest your heart's desires.  Rich, spicy and floral supplies stimulate passion, romance and desire!

As a beautiful bonus it comes with a packet of Wildflower seeds that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  Bring more beauty into your life while giving a heartfelt offering back to nature this spring!  
The Love and Lust  Box includes:

1- Love Candle
1-Love Incense/Powder
1- Love Oil
1- Lust Oil
1-Rose Quartz
1- Quartz Crystal Point
1- Pack of Wildflower Seeds
1- Velvet Bag
1-Mini Jar
1- Instructions for making Mojo Bags and Wish Jars that will be emailed to you
Each product can be used seperately or used together to make mojo bags, protection jars, etc
Additional information on each product available under "products"

Warning: These products will not allow you to take the freewill of another.  They are created to not allow you to make a specific person fall in love with you if those emotions are not there.
    $120.00 Regular Price
    $100.00Sale Price
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