Cleansing Smudge Wands

Cleansing Smudge Wands

Moon Phase: New Moon   Day of the Week: Friday   Hour of the Day: Moon


These powerful Herbal Wands were made during the New Moon in October, my last harvest of herbs from the garden.  They were nurtured and infused with healing energy all summer.


Each one unique and I will use my intuition to choose the best one suited for you.  Perfect for clearing spaces and personal energy.  The blends include sage, thyme, horehound, rosemary, and more.


Each one is at least  approx. 8 inches long and approx. 1 inch wide.


* Always hold a flame/heat proof dish under Smudge Wands as they will produce falling embers that will burn fabric.  Never leave buning, always extinguish after every use. 


  • Product Warning

    For magickal uses only, not medicine. Not for consumption. Test product on a small patch of skin and if irritation occurs, please discontinue use as product may not be suitable for all skin types. Don’t leave where children and pets can get into product. 

    **All sales are final. ** 

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