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Allie did a amazing reading on me. She so right on with me about my spiritual path.  I’ve known professional physics but I've never had such as good reading as this. It was concerning my own psychic abilities with horses. It was a lot of reading. Anyone that has a reading from Allison will certainly be getting good service. Allison you are very gifted; I wish you success. You’re on the right path. Please let your heart guide you.

          Gregory Peter Boyce

          Ontario, Canada


Just had a reading, and wow, it was great! Gave me another push start to my career change and gave me encouragement. Not sure about three fairy connection but will certainly look into it. Yes, I am always studying and want to be a teacher of spirituality!

 Thank you very much. Namaste x

          Debbie Leader

          Norfolk, UK


Allie gave me a reading today in which it was completely on point ! She described to me what currently is happening in my life and the events that led up to this point in my life. I've been completely lost on my pathway and she has given me guidance in which I will follow to find who I truly am smile emoticon thank you very much for the reading x

          Rina Re

          Montreal Canada



I have received a wonderful reading from Allie. It was very accurate to my question. Allie provided me with a positive and helpful reading. I really liked that she was able to sense energies around me and convey them back to me in her reading. I woukd highly recommend her

          Claire Coleiro

          Castle Hill, Austrailia



I had a reading with Allison today and was impressed with the accuracy of her reading, her use of words in describing situations/events/characteristics etc and her advice and insight. I smiled during her reading as I could feel that she was right on target with me. I would gladly recommend her abilities to anyone wishing to have a little more insight into their life. Thanks so much lovely lady for your time today and for tuning in so well with me. X

          Siobhan Murray

          Brisbane, Austrailia



Thank you for the reading! It was incredibly accurate and also reminded me that I need to stay focused on ME. It's easy to overlook the basics, and your reading was a very gentle nudge to that end. Truth! It's much appreciated, and I would recommend Allison to anyone who's feeling confused or distracted.

          Julie Lambirth

          Roseville, California



I just received a wonderful reading from you Allison and I wanted to thank you SO very much! You were so accurate and kind in your approach and have definitely given me food for thought regarding moving forward. I can't believe you mentioned my maternal grandmother! Thanks again so much and I look forward to using your services again

          Robin Lorraine, Rheoume

          Ontario, Canada



Allison is very gifted and her reading was spot on.

 Highly recommend...

          Jennie Wood

          Brooklyn, New York


I had an amazing reading with Allison!! It was so inspirational and spot on! I was amazed at how in depth she went to accurately tell me everything I needed to know in every aspect of my life. Her reading was so inspirational and gave me hope for the future while I am going through a dark time in my life. Thank u Allison for such a perfect reading and for taking the time to explain different things and caring enough to give me some encouraging words. Well worth the time effort and money to work with her. I even found out my spirit animal which was amazing since I always felt this type of animal near me in my life. Very positive and uplifting. I can't wait to see my future develop in the areas she's telling me will get better! Very helpful! Thanks Allison! 


          Jewell M.

          Woodstock Georgia



I decided to schedule a reading at a time in my life when I was facing many decisions. I was uncertain in the right path to take, how to move forward and how to stay positive through it all. I was hesitant at first, not wanting bad news but thought that any news would be helpful with my pursuing my goals. I really wanted to be sure that my timing was right with the plans I was going to be making. After several readings, I had so much more clarity in moving forward. I learned how to accomplish my specific goals and what obstacles I may face, so I could be prepared. It was also a huge relief hearing that the timing was right. With this clarity, I was able to stay calm and focus on the important factors. I feel like every step I am taking is with confidence and happiness. Allie has answered specific questions and guided me in the right direction.  Her information was accurate and she knew specific details that she had no way of knowing. I am impressed and grateful for this experience and knowledge Allie provides and will continue to trust her gifts through the ups and downs in my life.

          Melissa Sanchez

          Eden Prairie, MN



Allison Maurer gave me a wonderfully insightful and accurate reading. The most amazing part of her reading was when she was able to connect with my paternal grandfather whom I had only met when I was an infant- he passed shortly thereafter. Not only did she identify him as one of my spirit guides, she even knew his name (I only learned his name myself about 6 years ago when my own father passed away). I was floored by this part of her reading. In addition, she was able to help me see some of my own spiritual gifts and offer some insights and guidance around how I might use these gifts in the future. I really appreciated Allison's intuitiveness and input.

           Dr. Paula Fontaine

          Westminster, MA



I never know what to expect when I receive a reading from someone I haven't had one from before. Allison's reading for me was very accurate in things that I already knew about myself and things that I am beginning to discover about myself. I refer back to it to see the new positive changes I am making and those changes align with what she said. She gave details in several areas of the reading as well. I felt she truly cared about my questions and took the time to dig deep for the answers. I would definitely request another reading from her in the future.

          Debbie Hardy

          Hemet, California




I recently received a reading from Allison and it was SO spot on.  It was obvious that she tuned in to my energy quite well, as well as my personality characteristics.  She also connected with my grandmother, and brought forth a message, which was very rewarding! I had been putting off yoga, and she even gave me the message to stop putting it off, hehe, that was great.  I would highly recommend her services.  She comes across with such a caring and nonjudgmental tone.  Her reading was very rewarding for me. 

           Kathryn Alexander

           Franklin, Tenn.




Allison's reading was very accurate, detailed and thorough. She answered my question truthfully and with love, and also gave me lots of new things to think about, including actionable steps I can take to improve my life right now. I'm truly grateful.

          Yvonne Mulhern

          Stephenville, Texas

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, it is in ourselves.

  -William Shakespeare

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