New Moon Halloween Party

✨Add a bit of Magick to your October  and be bewitched with Psychic Medium Gallery readings, a mini group energy healing, and light snacks before MARGARITAS (non alcoholic available) and a screening of Halloween movie.

✨This is the day after the new moon (right between the 2 full moons in October!).  powerful energy, let's burn some manifestation papers, do some healing and get some clarity!

✨I'll be adding a poll for attendees to vote on the movie.  Will it be Practical Magick again?  Sleepy Hallow?  Something else??? The party people decide!! 

This event is at my home and for friends and clients.  

 October 17 6:30-9:30pm

Spots are only reserved with ticket purchase.

*  All sales Final.

Feel free to bring a comfy pillow to sit on or blanket to get cozy.

$33.33/person  |   952.334.6496

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