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Spiritual Sisterhood


Thrive: Spiritual Sisterhood Retreat

Mindfulness, Manifestation and Magick



Join us for the 2nd Annual Empowerment event.  

June 22, 2019

We THRIVE when we feel connected!  Connected to ourselves, the Earth, and each other.

Come join us for an empowering weekend of Woman, Healing, and Nature.

A restorative journey for woman seeking connection through movement, rest, and awakening

A private retreat at Pine Lodge In Minnesota

*Limited to just 12 women*

A 1 day private retreat filled 

Spiritual ALL INCLUSIVE experience to awaken and align you on your journey.



Allow yourself to dive deep into your own healing process by connecting with the rhythms of nature through hiking, the fluid movement of yoga, and rest.



The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.  With the fading light of each day the seasons work to realign and re-balance the energies leading to the Autumn Equinox (when day and night are of equal length).  Tune into these nurturing energies to realign your own energy and restore balance and wholeness. 



Allow yourself to be supported and build lasting connection with your fellow sisters during this experience.  You will be engaged in activities that promote trust and support building friendships and sisterhood.


Restore your mind, body, and soul with relaxation and detoxification.  Explore your bodies natural ability to detoxify and heal with wild land, fresh healthy food, movement, and rest.


Through the activities, healings and workshops you will be engaging connection to your higher self and strengthening your intuition. You will be supported in opening your intuition, allowing, believing and trusting your divine "GPS".

This retreat will focus on tuning in with the Summer Solstice energy to understand duality and restore wholeness.  Workshops will be offered to educate you on "duality, balance and wholeness", connecting with earth energy and animal spirit guides.  Through yoga we will incorporate what we have learned from the workshops into mindfulness, breath work and movement.  Group activities offer support while building our bonds into a tribe.


Never practiced yoga?  Don't worry, an introduction is offered and classes are for all experience levels.

Feeling inspired to skip an activity and soak in the sauna?  This weekend is about nurturing your needs.  All activities are optional. 

Afraid you won't know anyone?  An Exclusive Facebook group will be created in advance for all attendees to get to know each other, ask questions, and for support during preparation for the journey!


*5 group workshops

*5 group yoga classes

*3 guided group meditations

*3 group ceremonies

*1 group Healing

*1 Spiritual gift bag to support you

*6 meals, plus beverages and snacks

*2 nights lodging

*Exclusive Facebook group access

Included Amenities

* Private man-made magnesium enriched       swimming pond

* Large bonfire pit with Medicine Wheel

* Miles of hiking trails

* Hot sauna house with screen porch

* Pool, Ping Pong, Games, Books, DVD, VCR, surround sound Stereo with CD

*Copper Meditation Pyramid


While revitalizing your mind and soul, your body will not be forgotten.  The meals and snacks will have an emphasis on fresh and healthy.  Special attention and passion will go into the creation of what will be nurturing you.  Delicious food will be viewed not only as what sustains you, but also what helps you thrive!  All meals, snacks and beverages are included in your stay. 

Want to learn more about creating your own healthy, mouthwatering meals?  Sign up for a cooking class!  Cook books, which lay out the recipes for our meals and educate you on the nutritional value, will also be available.  Gain the knowledge you need and have the tools you can apply practically to your own life.

Accomodations and Travel

Pine Stone Lodge is a custom, unique 3,000 square foot eco-friendly "lodge" complete with a geo-thermal heating and cooling system and recyclable building materials. The stairwell and loft railing is made from trees right off the land, and decor displays the Native American theme.

It is tucked away on 144 private acres in Sandstone Minnesota, less then 90 minutes north of the twin cities. 

The Lodge has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  There is also a large great room and game room that are common areas for all to enjoy. 

If you are flying in, transportation can be arranged to get to the lodge and back.  To help fully support and be a community, we can arrange to drive up together.  In no way do we want this experience to be an "every woman for herself" experience.  




4:00 pm WELCOME

-Group introduction/meet and greet

-Receive gifts bag

-Sisterhood activity

-discuss schedule

4:45 Healing and Intuition Introductory Workshop


5:30  Duality, balance and wholeness workshop

6:30  Dinner


7:00 Open time 


7:30  Yoga Introductory Workshop

 9:00   Opening ceremony

            - includes guided meditation




7:00 am Quick Morning Guided Meditation

7:30-9:00 Outdoors Yoga: Spiritual Balance of Energies

9:15  Breakfast

9:45 Group healing

10:45 Open time 

12:15 Lunch  

1:00  Connecting with Nature Workshop and Group Hike

2:00  Outdoor Yoga:  Balance Light and Dark

3:00  Open time


5:00 Dinner

6:00 Check in for healing

6:30  Mother Nature and Spirit Animals Workshop

           -with Guided Meditation​

7:30-8:00  Outdoor Yoga: Animal Totem

8:30  Night Release Ceremony


8:00 Morning Guided Meditation

8:30 Outdoor Yoga: Wholeness

9:30 Breakfast

10:00 Open time

10:45-12:00  Closing Ritual

12:30 Lunch


Additional Offerings For Purchase

Schedule Private Services:

-Psychic/ Medium Readings With Allie

-Intuitive Energy Healing With Allie

-Yoga Class with Jessica

Allie and Jessica will be offering private sessions during "open times" for a fraction of their usual rates!

Additional Classes

-Cooking Class

-Magickal Intentions Products will also be available for purchase!

-THRIVE Retreat Cookbook

All Original and Additional spots:


Stay tuned for for future retreats

Allie Maurer

Allie is a Psychic/Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach with clients around the world.  

She loves educating and supporting people on their spiritual awakening journey. 

With a Culinary degree and a background in the culinary industry, Allie has a passion for food.   She is excited to teach and create amazing meals for this retreat.

Allie "connects" through her deep Love of the earth, nature and  the energy around us, which she is thrilled to share whenever she can!


Jessica Anderson

Jessica has a background in teaching and education and is passionate to share her knowledge with others!

Jessica is a certified yoga instructor and will be relocating  to Thailand in July where she will be a Spiritual Mindful Educator.

She loves to travel and also spent 2 years living in Colombia.  She brought back with her a joy of Salsa dancing.

Whether through dancing or yoga, she "connects" through movement of the body and is excited to share that with us during the retreat!

All sales final, no refunds

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