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January 21, 2023 

8:00 am-7:00 pm

Get inspired to manifest your best 2023 by unleashing your creativity and sparking your passion on the first New Moon of the year!  Let inspiration ignite the fire of your soul during the cold winter months!  Gather together with a community of like minded souls to warm your heart and and create something beautiful!  This full day all inclusive retreat will support your mind, body and soul as well as local businesses and farmers!

Snowy Night
Snowy Night


Let the beauty of nature inspire you as we explore a winter wonderland while snowshoeing.  No experience necessary as we commune with the earth and enjoy the wildlife.  Let your creative juices come alive as you soak up the landscape with all 5 senses…and some 6th sense, too.  For those not interested in strapping on a pair of snowshoes, enjoy the beautiful views from the lodge at the Lowery Nature Center in Victoria.  You can also check out the educational exhibits, meditate, or journal.  Snowshoe rental fee is included.




Express your creativity by choosing an item that inspires you and painting it into an artistic treasure.  Even those who don’t feel like art comes naturally can have fun at Artem Hous in Chaska.  Admission fee and $15 item (or $15 credit towards another item) is included.

Vase Painting
Dry Roses and Diary


Explore your desires, gain clarity and express your soul as we practice creative writing.  You will be led through journaling activities that will support your manifestations for 2023.  Give voice to your spirit and allow your energy to flow!


Shed the old unwanted energies that are no longer aligned with you for 2023 and refresh yourself with the group Energy Healing.

The Guided Meditation is specially designed to support aligning your energies with your creative power so you can manifest the next chapter of your life!

Crystal Ball


What will 2023 hold for us?  By looking at the energy shifts and astrology we can can see some themes that can help us plan and prepare.  Learn how the shifts could present themselves on the world stage and in your own life.


Enjoy a delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner prepared from scratch by a professional, private chef.  We will focus on healthy, local food, have some heart warming comfort food, and even some sweet treats!

Potato Soup

A Special Gift!  Everyone gets a custom swag bag with hand selected items just for them!

Bonus Gift!  Sign up before January 4th receive a discounted price AND a recording of my "Vision Board That Work" Webinar ($50 value) . Learn how to use this powerful tool in your life and pro tips to make it extra successful!

All Inclusive Event

-60 Minute Snowshoe adventure at Lowery Nature Center

-2 Hours or painting the item of your choice at Artem Hous*

-Group Energy Healing

-3 Gourmet Meals made by a Private Chef with food sourced from local farms

-2023 Look Foward Workshop:Energy, Astrology and Numerology

-Creative Writing and Journaling Workshop

-Guided Meditation for creativity, healing and manifestation

- Swag Bag!

-Gallery Readings (if time allows)

-A safe space of community and connections with new and old friends.

* Plus you will be supporting multiple small local business and farms!


All for less cost then a 2 hour private session!

-Limited space available to just 14 people, purchase your tickets before it fills up!

-Participants will receive an email 48 hours before the event with additional info and address.

 All Inclusive for $324/person.  Early Bird Special $299 if you purchase your ticket by January 4!


*Artem House: Admission fee and $15 item (or $15 credit towards another item) is included.  You are welcome to purchase a different item.  It is your responsibility to pay the difference.

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