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How can I help you?

"Faith is to believe that which you do not yet see; and the reward of this faith is to see that which you believe."


St. Augustine of Hippo

Psychic/ Medium Reading


Psychic Mediumship readings are one on one sessions that run between 45 minutes to an hour, and can be done in person at my office in Carver (near Chaska), over the phone (for readings in the U.S.), or through Skype (for International readings).  I provide readings for people all over the world which are just as accurate as when someone is in the room with me.  Energy does not know distance.  All readings are done in love and light.  I connect with Spirit Guides, Totems, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and beings in unconditional love to provide you with insightful answers, messages and healing.  All readings include Oracle Card drawing to reinforce and validate the information received.

Psychic readings can provide information on any area of your life that is in need of illumination.  Sessions can include any of the following:


       -Gaining insight and clarity to your questions                     -Connecting to deceased loved ones, including pets

       -Providing guidance in navigating your life                        - Animal Communication for living pets

       - Dream Interpretation                                                         - Insight and information regarding Past Lives


You can ask any questions, nothing is taboo.  We can explore current issues as well as energy surrounding future events. Questions about your career, love life, or health?  Do you desire to find your life purpose and follow a path that will make your heart and soul sing?  I am here to help.  How can we inspire you to live the life in which you thrive?




If you would like to bring someone with you for your reading or they would like to be part of the reading it is an additional $50.00 for that person.  Please call to schedule "Group Readings".




Having a psychic party is informative and fun!  They can be held at my home or at a location of your choosing.  Readings can be done individually and private, "gallery style" in a group, or a combination.

  Having readings at your next event can make it memorable and unique!  Contact me for more information and to schedule!



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Animal Services


Animal Communication-

Have you ever wanted to know what was "going on" with your pet?  Animal Communication sessions can help.  These sessions can be informative as well as healing, fun, and strengthen your bond with your furry friend.  By connecting with your pets "higher-self" I can tune- in and sometimes telepathically communicate with your companion.  This is helpful for health issues, behavioral problems, emotional concerns, and how to solve them and give your pet a better quality of life!

Animal Communication sessions can be addressed in the 1- Hour Psychic/Mediumship Private sessions or shorter sessions can also be booked below.  

Animal Healing-

Intuitive Energy Healing also works on animals.  By clearing past emotional and physical trauma, illness, and blocked energy, health and wellness can be supported and restored.  Healings are 1-hour total but broken up into shorter sessions usually a couple days apart.  After I preform the first session I will give you the information and messages I received as well as any instructions to help support your pet such as dietary suggestions.

*Animal Services are "distance" sessions and there is no need for the pet to be present, but "in-person" sessions can also be set up.

Discovery Call- FREE

Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call to explore how working together can benefit you.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about my services and which service is right for you.  It also gives you a chance to ask any questions about "how" I work and what to expect from a session.  Discovery calls are approximately 15 minutes and do not include "psychic information".  Email Me to schedule your Discovery Call!



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I use Paypal for payment.  You do not need a Paypal account as Paypal accepts credit, debit and gift cards.  All Payments must be done at the time of scheduling to reserve your appointment and allow as much time as possible for your reading.  Thank you!


Refer freinds to earn free services!

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If you do not see a time or date that works for you on the online booking calendar please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.  Please contact for same day and "emergency appointments" (additional fee).


By scheduling an appointment or service you understand and agree to all TERMS AND CONDITIONS (CLICK HERE) and have read "Preparing For A Reading" 

In Person Readings- A cat and stairs live here

All  Male Clients-  "In Person" readings can be done in the evenings (except Tuesdays).  Email me for more info.

Online Booking

New Client Package


For new clients try the New Client Package!  This 2 hour appointment combines a 1- hour Psychic/Medium Reading with a 1- hour Intuitive Energy Healing.

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Intuitive Energy Healing


I have studied a number of healing modalities from Reiki to Belvaspata and now practice, what I call, "Intuitive Energy Healing". Intuitive Healing allows me to be guided to the source of issues creating a deep, transformational experience that is efficient and with lasting results.  This is a relaxing, restorative process that works to clear, release and heal the body, mind and spirit.  During the session I guide you through the process sharing the psychic insight and messages I receive along the way.  

Some issues that may be addressed in a session are:

                        -Clearing and Balancing Chakras                                 -Cutting Energy Cords 

                        -Past Life Karma                                                           -Soul Retrival and Grid Work

                        -Balancing Male and Female Energy                           -Negative Energy and Entity Removal

                        -Inner Child work                                                         -Kundalini Raising

We also work on clearing and releasing past trauma and limiting beliefs.  Intuive Energy Healings promote alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression, and fear.  By removing the stuck and blocked energy you raise your vibration leading to empowerment and more easily manifestation of your desires.  Many of my clients find relief from physical illness and pain as well.                                                     Scroll Below for Online Booking 


Psychic/Mediumship Readings
Intuitive Energy Healings

Bundle and Save

*Can be used for Readings, Healings and Animal Services

*Must be used within 12 months of purchase, For 1 person

* After purchasing, Allie will email you to schedule your appointments

3 Private Sessions-$375.00 (save $75)

6 Private Sessions- $699.00  (save $201)

Animal Services
Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Clarity, Guidance and Healing!  After purchasing a certificate please contact me with information on where you would like it sent.

Want a different denomination?  Contact Me


Magickal Intentions

Because Intention Is Everything

Add more magick to your life with intentional energy.  Everything is made of energy and these products help align your intention with energy you desire to expand.

All products are made from high quality, organic (whenever possible) ingredients from conscious suppliers.  I never use "fragrance" or "synthetic" ingredients in my creations!  I use environment friendly packing supplies including the use of glass jars and corks instead of plastic, which also keeps products as fresh as possible.  Products are shipped in discreet packaging.

All of my lovely creations are handmade in small quantities by me.  Each ingredient and even the number of ingredients are all in alignment with the correct correspondence for the intention desired.  Every product is created during the appropriate astrological day of the week, time of the day, and phase of the moon for maximum potency.

Stop back often, more products are being added!

Love Box

This delightful kit is a wonderful valentines gift for yourself or anyone one else on your list.  This box of goodies was produced with the intention of love.  Self love, romantic love, unconditional love, friendship-love...all love! 


This edition of the Love products is Venus- Eclipse; named for the Goddess of Love and major aspect of the Full Moon in Leo in which it was made.  The Full Moon was also a Super Moon, Blue Moon, And Lunar eclipse.  It was made on Wednesday (New Beginnings, Communication, Intellect and Happiness...All important aspects when drawing love...) in the hour of Venus!   

It includes:

1 Bottle (.5 oz) Anointing Oil

1 Bottle (.66 oz) of Moon Water

1 Bottle (4 oz) Incense/ Powder

1 Sample Bath Salt

1 Green candle for unconditional love

1 Rose Quartz

1 Aphrodite Stone

Information and instructions 

Peacock Feather

$34.95 + Shipping (Shipping outside of U.S. Extra)










All sales final.  Use responsibly.  Products created with the highest intentions, any unethical misuse that results in kharmatic backlash is solely users responsibility.  Never use to make a specific person "fall in love with you".

Keep out of reach of pets and children.  Do not ingest or consume. Do not use if you are allergic to the ingredients. Always test on small area of skin before use.  By purchasing you agree to all responsibility of use and any consequence of effect from use of products.  You agree with purchase that Allie Maurer and any affiliate are not held responsible in anyway from damages resulting in use.  |   952.334.6496

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