and Relationships

With Special Guest Jeff Baker

November 8, 2018

7:00- 8:30 pm CST


LOVE, Soulmates, Twin Flames…what are they and what does it really all mean?


Love is a topic that comes up in the majority of sessions with clients. Whether it is how to attract a soul mate, win back an ex, or issues in a current relationship, love matters deeply to us!
It can also be one of the biggest catalysts to learn lessons, heal, and grow.







Join a gathering of beautiful souls and like-minded people in a LIVE AND INTERACTIVE Webinar to understand more about this topic and the different types of love and relationships to enlighten and support you, while you navigate relationships in your life. 







Allie Maurer is a natural Psychic Medium, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach that has had her gifts since birth and has always had a fascination with love and how it affects people.  Through her clients and their guides, as well as her own experiences, she has come to learn the profound meaning and workings on this deep spiritual topic.







Special Guest: Jeff Baker

Allie receives a lot of questions from people on a spiritual journey (and people with psychic abilities) regarding how to balance a relationship with a partner that is not spiritual or who does not have the same beliefs (or abilities).

Jeff Baker (Allie’s husband) will be joining in on this workshop in a special bonus portion to the workshop to help answer questions from a perspective of the "otherside".  They will be discussing the following topics and answering your questions!


-What it is like in a relationship with someone on a very different spiritual path

-The challenges and benefits

-How you find the balance within it






-What soul mates and twin flames are
-Why you haven't been attracting a partner and how to shift that
-Past life connections and soul contracts
-Romantic relationship mirror effect: projection and transference- your educators on healing and growth
-How to navigate and grow together, especially when 1 partner is spiritual and the other is not
- and more!
- There will be a "question session" for participants to ask questions and get more clarity.







-Those who would like to know more about the vibration of love energy
-Anyone wanting to learn more about love and relationships... and what it’s all about spiritually
-People wanting clarity on their love/relationship blocks and how to shift out of those blocks
-Couples who would like to continue to grow together and heal relationships.
-Anyone desiring to understand how to have a strong, supportive relationship, especially if one partner is on a "spiritual path" and the other is not.



Included in Webinar:

-Love: and Relationship Workshop

-Special Portion with Jeff Baker

-Live Question and Answer Session

-Access to the webinar recording to view and watch again at a later time


This Webinar is held via Zoom.  You will have the option of interacting with audio, video or both (depending on what you are comfortable with).  This is interactive, so bring your questions!




("Animal Spirit Guides", "DEATH: Afterlife, Spirits, and Mediumship",

and LOVE: and Relationships" Webinars)


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