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Allie Maurer

Embracing Your Intuition Workshop

Saturday, May 18    12:00-2:00 pm

Stick's Tavern

6940 Dahlgren Rd. Chaska, MN


Connect with your intuition and discover your own psychic gifts

Everyone has intuition and by connecting to it we can be guided through our lives with more flow and less struggle

Allie Maurer helps people  (and animals) around the world with her gifts as a Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach.  One of her passions is to mentor people, of all ages, who wish to learn about and embrace their own spiritual gifts.  She mentors people just starting to explore their intuitive skills as well as other Professional Psychics, Mediums, and Healers who would like to further develop their talents.

Join us for this empowering workshop 

Learn through the lecture

-All about intuition, psychic ability, mediumship (including animal communication) and the "clairs"

-Techniques to connect and develop your gifts

-How to ground, center, and protect your energy

-Who you are connecting with: Higher Self, Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, the deceased, etc

-Ways to support your growth

-You will discover what your own strengths are 


Learn different modalities and tools to help you connect

Allie will discuss some of the different modalities and will bring "tools" for demonstration.  You will learn how to use tools (and when to use them and not use them) and how to care for them.   You are encouraged to bring your own as well.

-Oracle Cards vs Tarot Cards


-Palm Reading



-Tea Leaf/ Coffee Ground Readings

-Dream Interpretation

-Scrying and Crystal balls

-You will even learn how to turn everyday objects (like playing cards, necklaces ,etc) into tools to connect!

Then we will practice! 

We will have some fun as we are paired up to practice what we have learned in this easy-safe environment.  Its a pressure free and fun way to learn!

This Workshop is for:

-This is for all ages and a great way to support children that are empathic, gifted, and sensitive!

-Anyone wanting to connect more deeply with their own guidance system

-People curious about intuition and psychic ability

-Those who would like to develop their natural gifts and learn more ways to connect

-People wanting a fun experience!

Please bring:

-A notebook and pen to take notes

-Your own tools you would like to practice with, if you have them (Oracle cards, pendulum, etc)

-An open mind and open heart

*Everyone will receive a packet of information

Questions are encouraged, so feel free to ask!


a BIG THANK YOU to Stick's Tavern for sponsoring this event and donating the space.  Please show support by purchasing something to sip and munch on before, during, or after the event!

Purchase a menu item and be entered into the drawing for a prize!

$30 a person



$50 for 2 people

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