Afterlife, Spirits, and Mediumship


October 18, 2018

7:00- 8:30 pm CST (possibly longer depending on the amount of questions)


Discover what really happens after we die, how mediumship works, and more about the spirit world.  During October the veil “between the worlds” thins and it’s the perfect time to explore these subjects.  Death is neither something to be feared nor is it something we can avoid so understanding it can help us live a more peaceful life.










Join other open and like-minded souls where superstition ends and the reality of what lies beyond begins.  This LIVE AND INTERACTIVE webinar, hosted by Allie Maurer: International Psychic MEDIUM, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach, will enlighten you and remove the secrets around what has remained a mystery to so many.   









A Medium since birth, Allie Maurer, has had an interesting perspective of death and a long history of interacting with the dead.  She will share her insight about the death process, afterlife, reincarnation, mediumship and spirits from her experiences.  Her lighthearted approach to what many consider a serious, spooky, and taboo subject is refreshing and reassuring.  Be comforted in the knowledge of what happens after we die and the understanding that our passed loved ones are safe and with us even after they “transition”.








You will learn:

-What death is, its purpose, and what happens once we leave our physical bodies

-The purpose or reincarnation, how it works, soul contracts and soul groups

-How Mediumship works and why it is beneficial

-The difference between spirits, ghosts, and other entities

-Simple techniques to recognize when your loved ones are near and how to connect with them

- What happens to the souls of victims of murder, suicide, and traumatic deaths

-The difference between Angels, Spirit Guides, and deceased loved ones guiding us

- Ways to comfort those in the death process









This Webinar is for anyone that:

  • Has a curiosity about death, the afterlife, and reincarnation

  • Would like a further understanding of spirit guides and angels

  • Desires to know more about Mediumship and/or cultivating this ability

  • Feels like they or their child may have mediumship abilities

  • Has a fascination with the paranormal

  • Has had their own near death or ghostly experiences

  • Would like to understand how to connect with their loved ones that have passed

  • Looking for something “Halloweeny” to do

  • Anyone in or interested in Death Doula work

  • Kids and Adults








This Webinar Includes:

-The Death: Afterlife, Spirits, and Mediumship Workshop

- A guided Meditation to connect with your angel, spirit guides or deceased loved ones

-Live Q&A Session

-Access to the webinar recording to view and watch again at a later time




This Webinar is held via Zoom.  You will have the option of interacting with audio, video or both (depending on what you are comfortable with).  This is interactive, so bring your questions!




("Animal Spirit Guides", "DEATH: Afterlife, Spirits, and Mediumship",

and LOVE: and Relationships" Webinars)






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