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April 29, 2023 

12:30 pm-6:30 pm

Join a beautiful woman's circle to empower our souls and hearts by holding space for ourselves, each other and honoring full feminine energy with like minded women.

Female sexuality is a powerful force that is very misunderstood and even taboo.  For a woman to be empowered in her feminine expression means to understand this natural and divine part of all woman, claim it and honor it.  By tapping into this sacred energy we establish full connection with our creativity, divinity, life force energy and more. Learn to stop suppressing, denying, or toxically expressing this sacred power and step into a more whole expression of your body and soul's ability to unite.

This half day all inclusive retreat will support your mind, body and soul as well as local businesses and farmers!



Connect to the sacred with the Ceremonial Cocoa Ritual.  Ceremonial Cocoa is cocoa in its purest form used for thousands of years for spiritual awakening.  It is prized for its ability to open the heart chakra, ground energy, enhance intuition, facilitate healing and balance the body.  Ceremonial Cocoa also has many health benefits and is known to induce euphoric states.

Learn more about Ceremonial Cocoa and experience its properties during this healing ritual.




Embrace your own dark feminine energy as we explore the history and roots of sexual suppression as well as understanding your own. Discover the truth of female sexuality while learning to embrace and express it in healthy ways.

Tap into your own natural source of power, pleasure, and sovereignty for a fuller expression of who you are.


Celebrate yourself and your body with expressive and beautiful feminine movement.  Explore Ariel Hammock at the Aviary in Hopkins for our own private party less then 30 minutes from my home.  We will learn ariel skills, tricks and and flow in the fabric.


This is for all levels of fitness, ages (17+), bodies, etc.  Ariel Hammock is a great way to explore your body, create sensual movement, get a great workout and have fun!


Remove blocks from your chakras (especially the sacral and heart), release old energy not serving you and allow more life force to flow through you with a group Energy Healing.

The Guided Meditation will facilitate clearing out old and outdated beliefs, judgements and negativity for greater self love and acceptance.

Red Rose
Red Ravioli


Enjoy a delicious 3 course Dinner prepared from scratch by a professional chef We will focus on healthy, local food, have some heart warming comfort food, and even some sweet treats!

All Inclusive Event

-2 hour private Ariel Hammock party at the Aviary

-Ceremonial Cocoa Ritual

-Group Energy Healing

-Dinner made by a Private Chef with food sourced from local farms

-Sacred Sexuality workshop and discussion

-A safe space of community and connections with new and old friends.

* Plus you will be supporting multiple small local business and farms!


All for less cost then a 1 hour private session if you sign up before  March 29!

-Limited space available to just 14 women, purchase your tickets before it fills up!

-Participants will receive an email 48 hours before the event with additional info and address.

 All Inclusive for $211person.  Early Bird Special $189 if you purchase your ticket by March 29!

*This retreat is a women only retreat*


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