Root     Rise     Bloom

Virtual Workshops

January 30, 2021

On Zoom Video Conferencing

Recordings will also be provided (Don't fret if you can't make it live)


It's a new year and a new you.  Refresh your energy and start 2021 by tapping into your own essence.  This year holds the potential of fully knowing yourself and blossoming into your own potential.  Winter is the perfect time to reconnect with the abundant, supportive and nourishing power of nature to restore and ground us.  Join other beautiful souls as we come together for a day of creativity, empowerment, and connection.


Learn how to use some of mother's earths most precious gifts: herbs.  They say there is a plant that exists to cure every ailment of mankind, all that is requires is reclaiming our ancestral wisdom of plant medicine.  Herbal infusions are a way to bring that magick into modern life.  Learn an accessible way to do just that in the Herbal Infusions: Tea, Tea Baths, and More Workshop. January is National Tea Month!







Intuitive Development

Tune in and strengthen your intuition with the Tea Leaf Reading Workshop.  Learn the history, technique and practice behind this ancient form of divination.  Then you will try it out yourself and practice!  Not a tea fan?  It works for coffee ground readings as well.  A packet of information will be emailed to you.

Have your own tea brewed and ready to practice at home!



The Group Energy Healing will cast off the energy of 2020 and refresh you to move uninhibited into 2021!

I will be incorporating the Healy Frequency Device into the group healing to amplify and accelerate the results. 


Release your creative spark with the fun Magickal Terrarium Workshop.  Learn not only how to build a beautiful home to house a plant friend but also how to use it to manifest your desires! 









 Then take a look at the themes of the past and present years as we discuss: Lessons of 2020 and What Is To Come in 2021: Astrology, Energy and Human Evolution. 


We can't travel back in time physically but we can rewrite our history to empower us in the present moment.  Learn how to get to the root cause of limiting beliefs, negative patterns and addictive behavior by identifying where your ego attached stories to the events of your life.  It is time to reprogram your subconscious for success and happiness in the Eliminating Stories Workshop.

You will receive a schedule of the workshops (a couple days before the event) so you have the option of joining live and the recordings so you can watch whenever it is convenient later.

Each workshop ranges in length of time. Approximately 20-30 minutes

The Energy Healing will be approximately 50 minutes.

$75/ Person

Registration ends Thursday at midnight!