Intuitive Energy Healing

I have studied a number of healing modalities, from Reiki to Belvaspata, and now practice what I call "Intuitive Energy Healing". Intuitive Healing allows me to be guided to the source of issues creating a deep, transformational experience that is efficient and with lasting results.  This is a relaxing, restorative process that works to clear, release, and heal the body, mind and spirit.  During the session, I guide you through the process sharing the psychic insight and messages I receive along the way.


It is important to understand that healing is a journey and not a quick fix.  A single session can be helpful but for long-term and more substantial issues, more support then a single session may be beneficial.


Some issues that may be addressed in a session are:

  • Clearing and Balancing Chakras

  • Cutting Energy Cords 

  • Past Life Karma

  • Soul Retrieval and Grid Work

  • Balancing Male and Female Energy

  • Negative Energy Removal

  • Inner Child work

  • Kundalini Raising

We also work on clearing and releasing past trauma and limiting beliefs.  Intuitive Energy Healings promote alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression, and fear.  By removing the stuck and blocked energy, you raise your vibration leading to empowerment and more easily manifestation of your desires.  Many of my clients find relief from physical illness and pain as well. 




I use Paypal for payment.  You don't need a Paypal account as Paypal accepts credit, debit and gift cards.  All Payments must be done at the time of scheduling to reserve your appointment and allow as much time as possible for your reading.  Thank you!

If you don't see a time or date that works for you on the online booking calendar, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.  Please contact for same day and "emergency appointments" (additional fee).


By scheduling an appointment or service you understand and agree to all TERMS AND CONDITIONS (CLICK HERE) and have read "Preparing For A Reading" 

Note for In Person Readings: A cat and stairs live here

Healings can be done in person or through Skype; please specify when scheduling.
Intuitive Energy Healing
1 hr
$200  |   952.334.6496

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