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Animal Communication

Have you ever wanted to know what was "going on" with your pet?  Animal Communication sessions can help.  These sessions can be informative as well as healing, fun, and strengthen your bond with your furry friend.  By connecting with your pets "higher-self", I can tune-in and sometimes telepathically communicate with your companion.  This is helpful for health issues, behavioral problems, emotional concerns, as well as how to solve them, and give your pet a better quality of life!

Animal Communication sessions can be addressed in the 1-hour Psychic/Mediumship Private sessions or shorter sessions that  can also be booked below.  

Animal Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing also works on animals.  By clearing past emotional and physical trauma, illness, and blocked energy, health and wellness can be supported and restored.  Healings are 1-hour total, but broken up into shorter sessions that are usually a couple of days apart. After I preform the first session, I will give you the information and messages I received as well as any instructions to help support your pet such as dietary suggestions, etc.

*Animal Services are "distance" sessions and there is no need for the pet to be present, but "in-person" sessions can also be set up.

This is a brief 20 minute session. Full 1- hour sessions can be scheduled as Psychic/ Medium appointments. Simply type "animal communication" in the notes when schedu...
Animal Communication
20 min
This is a 1-hour appointment broken up into smaller sessions.
Animal Healing
1 hr
$150  |   952.334.6496

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